Security Options for Home and Office

Home burglaries have become common these days. Everyone is talking about security options for home and office, and safety manufacturers have been listening.

The security industry has developed a number of easy to use home security products enabling you to give protection to your home and family members. Some of these products will sound off with an alarm if a thief or group of thieves try to enter your home or office. Others listed below are to prevent entry into your home.

If you live in a low crime area you may feel that home security systems that cost hundreds of dollars may no longer be needed. The security options for home and office listed below are easy to install, use and maintain. All of them can also be most useful in apartments and condos.

The most useful and used security system products are:

  • 1. Magnetic Door Alarms,
  • 2. Breakage alarms,
  • 3. Door stop alarms,
  • 4. Door and window jammers,
  • 5. Movement detection devices.

Magnetic Door Alarms

Magnetic door alarms are inexpensive. The price of these alarms starts at few dollars, which can be used on any window or on any doors to give alerts when the doors or windows are opened.

Magnetic door alarms are somewhat similar to magnetic cabinet or magnetic drawer door lockers. A magnetic plate base is installed on one side of door or window frame, and the alarm is fixed to door or window itself. When you open a window or door, the connections between both are broken and alarm will sound.

Magnetic alarm works virtually on any styles of doors, including glass doors and sliders that are often vulnerable and hard to protect. As far as security options for home and office go, these is a good one.

The alarm also can help you to control small kids playing inside. If they try to go outside, the alarm will sound. This is a real peace of mind benefit for mom or the babysitter.

Breakage Alarms

Breakage alarms are home security devices which set off loud alarms when an intruder tries to break a window or door. The vibrations caused while breaking the window or door will trigger the alarm, probably scaring off culprit.

Door Stop Alarms

The door stop alarms are another type of security alarm, which are wedged behind and beneath the bottom of the closed door. If some one tries to open the door or force their way inside the house, a high volume alarm will trigger.

These alarms usually come with a motion sensor that will alert you if some one tries to tamper or remove the alarm itself. These alarms can be removed and can be installed any where in house.

They need not be permanently installed. This enables the door stop alarms to be installed in any location, making them an excellent security device for travelers to use while staying in a hotel or motel.

These alarms are battery operated, and usually have an on/off switch allows you to safely pack the alarm without fearing of sounding while traveling.

Door and Window Jammers

Another one of the security options for home and office is to have door and window jammers. They are inexpensive home security products, which jams door or window from being opened.

A door jammer is usually made up of an unbreakable, heavy-duty metal designed to be fitted under door or in the track behind a closed track glass door, preventing the door from getting opened.

This device can also be a clamp installed on a sliding glass door or window that keeps it away from getting opened fully by allowing the door or window to slide freely to the point of attachment.

Another kind of jammers is brackets which are made to be screwed into sliding door faces.

Movement Detection Devices

A movement detecting home security device is most beneficial because they can alert you about presence of people or animals. Movement detectors vary in range of coverage and in their sizes.

Some movement detection security devices can be installed inside the home to sense movement outside the walls. By making ample use of radar technology, the system can sense when some one comes within a certain distance near your home.

There is one product which produces sound similar to a barking dog to frighten off the intruders. The barking sound gets increased whenever the person moves closer to the alarm.

It can help prevent children from entering into protected area. These security devices can be configured to record a voice, and play as an alert.

All of the above are inexpensive security options for home and office. If you don’t feel you are capable of installing any of these devices, then look into hiring it done. None of these should cost much to be installed.

Here’s to your safety.

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