What to Look For When Shopping For Home Security Plans

 Shopping online for  home security plans

There are many home security plans available on the market today. It can be difficult to choose the best choice for your home when there are so many options available.

Therefore, it is important to understand which features a security system for your home should have. And, it is also important to know which features you do not need, or if these features would just be nice to have.

Here are some tips that will help you select the best home security plan.

First Step – Security Audit

 Make a security audit checklist

The first step is to perform a security audit of your home. You should understand what potential security issues need to be addressed.

Identify every possible point of entry in your home, including doors, windows, and skylights.

Identify what trees or shrubs block the view of your property. Trim large shrubs to remove hiding places for someone attempting to break in. Trees may need to be cut back or even removed to provide a better view of your property from the street.

Second Step – Choose Type of Plan

There are two ways of connecting a security system together. The most popular way is to have a wired system.

If your dream home is not built yet, then a wired system would be a good choice for you.

If you are adding a security system to an existing house, then this method could be too expensive. It will involve running wires thru there walls and ceilings. The installation cost will mount up if you have to hire this to be done.

Wireless systems are becoming more popular because of their lower cost and ease of installation. Wireless systems are cheaper to produce and easier to install. Some simple wireless systems come in a kit that can be installed by the home owner. 

However one problem with wireless systems is that their wireless signals can be interfered with by a professional thief. With new technology this is becoming less of an issue.

Third Step - Motion Sensors

Another important factor to consider is the placement of sensors. You can have motion sensors both inside and outside the home. Motion sensors can be placed in the yard to detect when a person enters the property.

The outside motions sensor can either activate the alarm or turn on outside lights. An interior motion sensor is used for when you are not at home.  It will activate the alarm if it detects motion inside the house.

Video Monitoring

 Wireless camera for home security

Video monitoring systems are a great addition to any security system. They can raise the cost of home security plans, but can be worth the additional cost.

Many criminals will avoid homes that have visible security cameras outside the home. When criminals see a security camera, many of them will move on to an easier target.

Hidden cameras are often useful because they can provide video footage to the police to aid in catching someone that has broken in to your home.

Having a mix of both hidden and visible cameras is ideal because criminals can disable visible camera systems.

Panic Button

 Everybody should have a Panic Button

Another important feature many home security plans offer is a panic button. The use of a panic button requires a monitored alarm system. In the event of a home invasion, the home owner can push the panic button. 

The alarm monitoring company will notify the police that a home invasion is in progress. A panic button offers peace of mind.

Place security signs on your property to let criminals know that your home is protected by an alarm system. The signs should be visible, so place them in the yard, on all the exterior doors, and on the windows.

Most criminals will avoid homes with security signs, opting for easier homes to break into.

Shopping for home security plans does not have to be a difficult task. An educated home owner is in a position to make the best choices. Following these tips will help ensure you make the best decision.

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