Home Security Ideas to Help Keep Your Home Safe at All Times

Make a list of home security ideas

Home security ideas are an important resource for any homeowner.  Whether you choose to invest in a home alarm system or professional security service or not, there are steps you can take to help ensure that your home is safe from robbers. 

Follow these handy guidelines and your whole family will be able to breathe easier knowing that you’re keeping robbers at bay.

Present a Secure Look

Get these home security alarm signs for your house

Make your house look secure.  Even if you don’t have an alarm, you can still make burglars believe that your house is secure with security company signs or “beware of dog” signs.

You can also use a barking dog recording on a motion sensor to deter burglars.  Just the appearance of a security system can sometimes be enough.

Double check doors and windows.  Install safety glass in windows and deadbolt locks on all exterior doors, as standard doorknob locks are very easy to pick.

Also, one of the best home security ideas is to be sure to have a deadbolt lock on the door that leads to your attached garage.  It can be very easy to duplicate the frequency of most garage door openers and gain entry to your house that way.

Lights Increase Safety  

Make sure your house it well lighted

An occupied house is a safe house.  Set lights and a radio to turn on with a timer if you’re out and make sure all exterior doors are well lit.  You can also install an exterior motion sensor light that will turn on with the slightest movement. 

Make sure your neighbors pick up your papers and mail if you’re gone for a prolonged period of time as these are the first things burglars check to indicate an empty house.

Be wary of strangers at the door.  Another of the most effective home security ideas is to be very careful about who you let into your house. 

Burglars will frequently try to size up a house before robbing it by posing as repairmen, utility workers, or even stranded motorists.  Ask any repairmen or utility workers for credentials before letting them in.  If a stranded motorist asks to use your phone, keep them outside and make the call yourself.

Don’t forget the landscaping. Trees and large bushes that are close to a door or window can provide a hiding place for burglars or easy access to your house. 

Keep branches trimmed so there is space between the tree and your house and consider replacing larger bushes with smaller ornamental plantings that can provide curb appeal without being a security risk.

Utilize a Safe

Keep your valuables safe.  Finally, included in home security ideas is to avoid hiding valuables in obvious places.  Mattresses, drawers, behind pictures and under carpets are the first places most burglars look. 

Try to find a more obscure hiding place, such as inside an acoustical tile in the ceiling.  Of course the most secure place is in a safe or lock box that is too heavy to be moved.

Your family’s safety is important, so you should never skimp on security.  Even if a top of the line home security system isn’t feasible, you can still employ many effective home security measures without spending a fortune. 

These simple steps may be all it takes to keep your home from falling prey to burglars, and that’s worth any cost in the long run.

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