Security Lighting Systems for All Your Needs

Be sure you have good security lighting

In today’s world it takes some effort on one’s part to feel safe and secure. Turn on the evening news or pick up a newspaper and you will know what I’m talking about.

However, security lighting systems can play an important part in helping you feel more secure. Whether it is your own residence or business location, security lighting is a high priority to any security system.

Many home owners simply feel so much better if they have outdoor motion detector lights.  These can be simple lights mounted on the eaves troughs or other parts of the home such as the garage.

If a visitor comes within a certain number of feet of the residence, the whole place lights up like a Christmas tree. Of course these lights are specially designed so that they are not triggered by the neighbor’s cat or dogs, etc.

Different Types of Products

Infra Red Light for security purposes

There are lots of products on the market and LED lights offer more advanced technology. You can also have laser based security devises that can protect your family, home, and valuables against intrusion of any theft and vandalism for example.

Security lights come in all shapes and sizes and some can be monitored with remote control devices. These lights typically have a certain range of lighting which usually can be adjusted.

In a home situation, for example, while you are happy that your front and backyard light up if there is an intruder, you don’t want to light up your neighbor’s yard and cause them any distress or inconvenience. The same applies commercially – the range should be adequate to protect the areas that are necessary.

Some security lighting systems include LED lights that have adjustable sensing curtains. This provides pre-alarm warnings as well as serving as an actual alarm.

The lights must be robust enough to be outside and hold up against all weather and wind strengths. While many of these lights are used in outside locations, some are necessary inside too – for example in a warehouse.

Motion Detector Lights

Motion Detector Security Lights

Some of the more cutting edge motion detector lights come with an internal detector that no-one can see. This means that most people (for example employees) just consider it a simple light but in actuality it has a security function.

Whatever areas you need to use security lighting systems for, it is important to know the size of area that needs protection. This will help determine the cost involved.

Many modern lights do not require any maintenance and have a long lifetime – sometimes in excess of ten years.

Importantly, the lights are often energy efficient. Some are available with built in PIR (passive infrared) sensors, You can also time the lights when they should come on and go off, as well as adjust their light level settings.

The simpler they are to install, the less the cost is for you. Hard to get to locations like on high roofs will obviously drive up the installation price.

Lights and Your Overall Security System

Nowadays motion detector lighting can simply be a part of an overall security system. This is obviously a very convenient choice, especially in this digital era.

This means that the lighting is turned on when the overall alarm system is activated and the building is secure in every way. Such alarms can also easily be disarmed in order to allow people to leave and enter the building (for example, employees working late or getting to work early).

The sensor will detect a foreign presence and lights will automatically be switched on and will remain on until the movement has stopped.  This is a popular choice for places like grocery stores and other retail outlets.

Security lighting systems can therefore welcome expected visitors but help prevent unwanted ones. It is usually a cost-effective method of building security for all concerned. 

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