Apartment Security Systems That Move with You

Apartment Security Systems for Renters

Security companies have finally woke up and started offering apartment security systems. Apartment dwellers are not the large portion of the population, and are usually young or old, which are not the consuming years. But with crime on the rise, security systems of all types are becoming popular.

You see, rising crime is why many people are concerned with their safety even in the comfort of their own homes. To help maintain their peace of mind these individuals have always had the option to get a security system installed in their houses.

The simple fact of having a system in place that can warn them of any incoming threat while they and their children are asleep is a great comfort.

But when it comes to people who don’t have their own homes installing such a system has been problematic. To this end, many companies now offer apartment security systems that anybody can install in their home, regardless if it is their own house or just an apartment that they are renting for a few years.

College Students Buy Security Systems

An obvious segment of the population that can greatly benefit from this type of security system is college students. They are often living in a dorm or in their very first apartment and installing a permanent security system isn’t really an option. The ideal solution for them would obviously be a portable security system.

That’s just what apartment security systems are. They are designed to be completely portable so that no complicated installation is required. That way once the person moves out of their apartment and into another one, they can very easily just pack it up and take it with them.

The way this type of system works is that every single component is designed to be as easy to install as it is to uninstall. Every single component is wireless so that no complicated wiring is needed during the installation.

These components are also often designed to stick to walls and other surfaces but without the need for screws or other more permanent fixtures. That way, when the time comes to pack it up and move, there is no need to patch up holes.

Apartment Security Systems Work Like Home Security Systems

Control panel of a security system

For the most part, the components work just like a regular security system. There are the sensors that are designed to detect any suspicious movement and report to both the user and to the security company who provided the system. There is the central control unit that allows the user to either arm or disarm the system as well as adjust settings as they wish.

In some cases, people have concerns that since the individual units (like the motion sensors or the central control unit) aren’t permanently attached that there is a risk of having them moved and disabled entirely.

However, most apartment security systems are designed with that in mind. They  have built in technology of motion sensors that will trigger the alarm if someone attempts to move the component.

If the alarm is set off and suspicious activity has been detected, the alarm will alert all parties involved. The user will receive notification via mobile phone and/or internet (if they aren’t around to hear the alarm), the security company will be alerted and in some instances, the police will be notified of the issue.

Customizable Options

These systems also tend to have many customizable options to best answer the customer’s needs. If they have pets, there are options that will accommodate them.

And there are options to control the system from a distance as well. Just turn on your laptop, login and start monitoring the activity. You can even allow a visitor to gain entrance if you so desire.

Get yourself a security plan

Besides installing the system yourself, you may be able to find a security company that offers these apartment security systems for a monthly recurring fee. They are also able to provide all the support that is needed, should a break in occur.

Overall, these systems are designed for ease of use and portability and they do a great job of achieving that. Get one and protect yourself, your loved one and valuables.

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