Planning and Installing Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Wireless Camera and Receiver

Protecting your home from intruders is a high priority for every homeowner. Burglaries and home invasions are a very unfortunate reality of our modern lives, but there are ways you can protect you property and loved ones from the actions of criminals.

Wireless home alarm systems are one such way, and there are many benefits to choosing this type of home security.

Throughout the country, burglary has been on the rise, which is a very common phenomenon during times of heightened economic difficulties.

While many homes have alarm systems installed, a lot of these can become outdated and therefore less of a deterrent to criminals.

The Old vs. the New

Until recently, having a new alarm system installed required the expert advice and labor of professionals who work in the security industry. This is always an expensive undertaking as it is a very time consuming process and the equipment used is can be quite expensive.

However, with the abundance of wireless technology that has become so common in cell phones, computers and tablets, there is now a new option for the home protection.

Rather than having to install or replace cabling you now only need to install the various pieces of equipment and these all communicate with the central alarm controller wirelessly.

Wireless Benefits

DIY is possible with wireless devices

Wireless home alarm systems are particularly beneficial for properties that are either older or do not have existing wiring in place.

In these situations you would have to have lots of cables installed, which is an expensive and messy job. Wireless technology completely alleviates this.

Another great benefit is that alarm systems available today are relatively simple to install, so most DIY enthusiasts should have absolutely no problem to install the equipment.

Wireless alarms now come in packages that do vary in content, so you first need to assess your needs.

Start Your Plan

Make a plan and a list

Before you buy an alarm package you should first make a list of which windows and doors you want to install intrusion detectors on. Naturally, the larger the house, the more detectors you will need. But you should also consider motion detectors within the home as an additional line of defense.

Some alarms also come with external motion sensors and cameras. The benefit of this is that they act as a deterrent against intruders at night time. If a would-be burglar approaches you house they will suddenly be immersed in a very bright light, and at the same time be caught on camera.

To install the alarm you really only need a small amount of DIY experience. Each window and door in your house is fitted with a detector, but since there are no wires, all you have to do is attach it as required by the particular manufacturer’s instructions.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are usually installed in hall ways, or in the rooms that contain the most valuable equipment, like TVs and media players. These are battery powered and also do not require any wires, as any signal is sent directly to the central control unit.

It is very important to install the central alarm controller in a convenient location that is not visible from the outside. You do not want to advertise the brand and model of an alarm to a potential intruder, but you also want to be able to access it quickly enough to turn off the alarm as well.

Most wireless home alarm systems today are fully programmable to set different zones in your home, e.g. ground floor only, or no motion detection. This is of great benefit if you have a larger home and you want to control what is secured at any given time.

Cost savings and ease of installation are the great advantage of wireless home alarm systems, and with prices starting at just a few hundred dollars, you should not leave it up to chance when it comes to protection from criminals.

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