A Wireless Barking Dog Alarm

Will a wireless barking dog alarm really work? By work, I mean will it prevent intruders from entering your home? We have to look at the relationship of man and dog to find this answer.

It is well known that dog is man’s best friend, more so than any other animal (even man himself). It is because dogs are always true and loyal to their owners, the one who feeds and looks after them. Even if the owner does not care for him properly, the dog will still be loyal without hesitation.

 Man and his loyal friend

Most people have experienced that once you feed a dog and care for that dog, it will love and respect you and show its’ affection by wagging its’ tail, ha. You became the dog’s owner and best friend.

With that in mind, man decided to domesticate the dog and use him to guard his home. If anybody enters the home, and they are unknown to the dog, he erupts into barking, acting just like a home security alarm.

The Barking Dog Alarm

We know dogs to be the most faithful and lovable animals. And dogs are also known to be ferocious by nature, like a lion or tiger. But, even though the dog is ferocious, it will not do harm to his owner, or someone the owner is friendly with.

 Among dogs there is one common type that is classified as “Barking Dogs”. Many of the domestic dogs we have as pets fall under the category of “Barking Dogs”.

 A great characteristic of “Barking Dogs” is they usually bark loudest if a person attempts to come inside the home where his owner resides. This barking alarm sends an alert signal to the family inside the home. It also sends a message to the visitor, invited or not, that this dog is going to protect this home.

The sound of barking dogs is usually loud and nonstop, such that it will create panic in the most hardened of criminals. It is well known that a dog will fight to his death to protect his owner. This is the idea behind the wireless barking dog alarm.

 Here's a real barking dog alarm!

A wireless barking dog alarm is programmed to bark like an angry big dog when the alarm is tripped. This makes it an inexpensive, but effective alarm system. Robbers will think twice before entering inside the house.

Most barking dog alarms are the modified version of motion detectors. Once the alarm is triggered, it will start barking like a dog and the lights in your house will turn on, if so programmed.

The Workings of a Wireless Barking Dog Alarm

     1. The radar eye allows the alarm to sense any movement using the motion detector. The typical range is thirty to forty feet all the way around the alarm.

      2. Once it senses movement, it will automatically start to bark or, on some models, uses other preset sounds that you have chosen.

      3. After the alarm has been set off, unwanted visitors or intruders will hear a ferocious barking sound. And as the person gets closer to the alarm, it gets louder and barks faster. This works great to scare off burglars and unwanted visitors.

      4. It can be controlled (activation or deactivation) by a remote key chain.

      5. These alarms are useful; either while you sleep or while you are gone.

Additional Features of the Wireless Barking Dog Alarm

   1. In some models you can choose different sounds for motion from different directions. In other words, a person walking up from behind the alarm will trigger a different sound than a person walking up to the front door.

 You can choose to set the alarm that sends out a calming noise in places where you expect your friendly visitors to go. If the dog alarm senses movement in areas where visitors are unwanted or where intruders are trying to break in, the dog alarm can be programmed to set off the barking or other loud sound that you have chosen.

   2. Advanced wireless dog alarms allow you to link it to other alarm devices which will automatically alert the police department and or other emergency services located in your area.

Other Benefits  

   1. The wireless barking dog alarm doesn’t need additional installation; you don’t have to put wires over or thru the walls to connect it.

    2. They are shock proof.

   3. And they are maintenance free (You don’t have to feed it or clean up after it)

Possible Problems

  • 1. It does take a while to get the placement and distance adjusted just right with a wireless barking dog alarm.
  • 2. Most models have trouble detecting motion thru metal doors or metal walls.
  • 3. Depending on your walls or doors, the range might be disappointing.
  • 4. Dog barking sound is not always clear on some of the less expensive models.


 Wireless Barking Dog Alarm Sign

The wireless dog barking alarm is not going to run up to you and wag his tail like a real dog, ha. But, as mentioned above, it sure is a lot easier to take care of.

For around $100 to $150 you can get one of the better models and it should perform well for you. Some patience will be needed getting the adjustments just right on the alarm.

Does it work? Yes, when you hear the barking it gets your attention. And it is loud enough to make an intruder decide to move on down the road. If you stand there for a few minutes, you do realize that it is not a real dog. But what burglar will wait around to find out.

So, if you have just a door or two that you want some security for, then this might be an inexpensive option for you. But it won’t take the place of a complete home security system that protect doors, windows and inside movements. 

 Let us know if you have any questions we can help with or just tell us if the information was helpful or not.

Thank you for visiting our site. By all means keep looking around.

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