Wireless Home Security Cameras, Will They Work for You?

Wireless home security cameras have been on a growth boom the last ten years.

And with that boom has come much advancement in their features.

 Small wireless camera

One of the big reasons for the boom is the use of a PC or laptop as the receiving monitor.  This all started with people buying a small camera to put on top of their computer to do video calls.  In fact, computer manufactures now include a camera installed on many computer models.

The convenience of using this camera led many people to get a wireless camera to monitor a nursery or other area of the house thru their computer. And ever since that happened camera manufactures have been trying to keep up with new and improved features.

The ease of use with wireless home security cameras is by far their best feature. Not only are they typically easy to install, they can be moved around the house with ease.

In this modern world, home security is a crucial issue. And because of that reliability of your home security system is upmost importance. And there in lies the problems of wireless cameras.

Wireless Home Security Camera Range

The range of wireless cameras has increased, but only to those willing to pay a steep price jump. The typical maximum range of wireless camera and receiver is about 200 feet. And other home products and even walls and doors interfere with the radio signal between camera and receiver. Reliability is an issue.

But if you want to monitor an area or areas inside the home, then wireless cameras is an option. Many a parent enjoys their night out because they can monitor the babysitter on their cell phone.

Choosing a Wireless Camera

  • Decide the number of wireless cameras you need in your home. If wanting to monitor your home while gone, better to buy a camera for each entrance, especially for front and back doors.
  • Once you decide upon the number, decide which camera has best features for you. For example you may want great clarity from your camera, even during the night, so that any recording in the dark will still be viewable.
  • If the camera has an infrared feature, it can detect metal objects like a gun or some other lethal weapon which a burglar may use. This is an option you moght want to consider.
 Wireless Camera & Receiver
  • If you have installed wireless dome cameras, few people will realize that there is a camera in your home, because it will be embedded inside a domed case.
  • Make sure that the camera is waterproof if it is for outdoor use.
  • Choose the camera which can pan, tilt and zoom.
  • Better to go for micro cameras which are able to stick to objects inside your home, or to the TV, so that no one gets the clue that there is a camera hidden inside it.
  • If you want to view the video from the camera when you are in the workplace, you can get the WIFI enabled camera which can also display the video on your mobile phones, which is little bit costlier than a normal one.

Advantages of Wireless Home Security Cameras

·        The main advantage of a wireless home security camera is can be taken from place to place easily.

·        It is not that easy to identify the wireless cameras, if it is placed inside a container such as TV, vase, refrigerator, computer system box etc.

Disadvantages and its Solutions

  • If you have wireless or wired cameras they obviously can’t catch the burglars, they just alert you and can help identify any intruders. Wireless cameras are not real noticeable, so burglars probably won’t notice that you have cameras, and they will carry through with their thievery. To avoid this use detailed warning stickers outside the home so that potential burglars might be deterred!
  •  Most people don’t realize that a wireless camera has to be plugged into an outlet. Wireless means that the camera and receiver are not hard wired together. There are battery operated wireless cameras, but the battery life is very short.
  •  A wireless camera might not be good for a large house, because its’ practical range is about 200 feet. To overcome this problem, increase the number of cameras and receivers, or buy a transmitter which will boost the capacity to handle longer signals.
  • If there is an obstruction between the camera and antenna, then the antenna won’t receive the signal, thus any video will probably not be recorded or be very clear. So put a boosting transmitter on the obstruction, so that the antenna can receive the signals easily.


The wireless cameras will act like third eye on the head of Lord Shiva. While the Lord Shiva’s third eye burns directly evil strength, the camera eye reveals the secrets that were taken place during the time, which you were not inside the home.

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