Wireless Video Security Systems – Protecting Your Home through Constant Surveillance

 Keep an eye for trouble

Surveillance is one of the best methods for securing any premises. Having a video security system in your home goes a long way towards providing you the protection you need.

With over 2 million burglaries committed annually in the US, it is prudent for homeowners to take the steps necessary to protect their homes.

An ordinary citizen of the US has a 20% chance of being burgled at present.

There is an effective way to reduce your risk: wireless video security systems. Yes this is a time where you definitely want to reduce your odds.

Better Your Odds

According to research, homes which have wireless video security systems are three times less likely to be burgled. This means installing the necessary equipment could bring down your risk of burglary to around 6%.  I think I did my math right there.

That is a considerable drop from the 20% level you are currently at. Moreover, 90% of convicted burglars have commented that they generally avoid homes which have some form of security equipment installed.

Criminals Hate Video Surveillance

 Surveillance Camera

Video security systems are among the foremost devices you can use. Would you rob a house with video cameras? Or just move on down the street? Yeah, I’d just move on also.

The numbers speak for themselves in this regard. If you are worried about the cost of having a video security system installed, keep in mind that it could protect your home from being burgled.

Furthermore, having constant surveillance of your home also helps prevent other untoward incidents, for instance a fire may break out in one part of your home. With video surveillance, you can see the fire and take the required action to prevent it from spreading before it intensifies.

Different Options

The different options you have with regards to wireless video security systems allow you to choose one which suits your needs and your budget. Often, people don’t know about the ideal number of cameras they should have installed.

Cameras are the main component in the system and they need to be of high quality. However, that does not mean that you should have to pay an exorbitant amount for them.

Hence, it makes sense to keep a budget in mind before you go out to buy the system.

Keep An Eye on the Front Door

The most important area of your home which should be constantly captured by cameras is the front door. A majority of breaking and entering and forcible entry crimes are committed by miscreants entering through the front door.

If you are on a tight budget, you can restrict the surveillance to the front and rear doors of the home. They are the places you are mostly likely to be targeted or attacked by criminals.

Businesses Use Wireless Video  

Businesses, especially shops, may find wireless video security systems more useful than homeowners. Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes in the country. Plus, employee theft has been on the rise for the past several years. Business owners can keep an eye on their customers and employees through these cameras.

Important Tips

When installing a wireless video system in your home, there are a few things you need to take care of.

·         First of all, you need to make sure that the system is getting power round the clock. You cannot afford the video surveillance to stop at any time of the day or night.

·         Get professionals to install the cameras. While this may cost you additional money, it ensures there are no blind spots. Often you won’t notice that there is a particular area which the camera does not cover properly.

·         Most importantly, there has to be no interference from other devices. Radio devices you use around the home might clash with the signals of the wireless video system.

These are a few important things to remember when installing wireless video security systems.

Wireless is Portable

 When you move, take these with you

I almost forgot to mention a very important fact about wireless video, it is portable. Moving soon, that’s no excuse to not go ahead and get the wireless video cameras. Guess what, they can move with you. That is the icing on the cake.


Video devices are one of the better crime determent. Placing them at entry locations of your home will reduce your risk of break-in. Be sure to get the right number of cameras, especially important is watching points of entry.

Wireless video is even better. It can be moved around the outside and inside of your house. And don’t forget, wireless is movable. Take it with you when you move.

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