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A home alarm system and alarm signs will help keep the criminals away

Home Security Systems are something that every homeowner, condo owner or apartment dweller would like to have. But not everybody knows what they are, or what features or security devices are available.

At one time in my life I fit into that category. Then we became one of the unlucky ones who had a break-in.

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A little late, but it was time to take action. I decided to add some type of security to our home and I made the call to the alarm company.

Not knowing what I needed or wanted, I wound up spending way more than I should have and the high monthly fee was locked in for two years.

Motivated to avoid that mistake again, I researched home security for those two years and now we are better protected for a fraction of the cost.

Now home security has become like a second job for me. Friends, relatives and neighbors all use my knowledge and experience for their home security systems.  

And that it what this website is for, to help you learn what protection you need and how to find it.

Please browse all the pages you want. This way when you make the call or when you take action, you will be prepared.

What Are Home Security Systems?

 Your home's security blanket

Home Security Systems are just that, a security blanket we can wrap around ourselves and our family.

Looking for peace of mind and a restful night of sleep? An alarm system will make that come true. Flip on the security system and know that you have done all you can to keep your family and home safe.

Then why is it that acording to the latest census poll only 17% of US homes has a security system? We all want a home that is safe and secure, right?

So what holds us back from investing in home security systems? Procrastination comes into play quite often. We hear about a break-in on the news and we give security a long thought. But then we take no action.

And another thing, the belief is that home security systems can hit the pocketbook hard. First there is the installation cost, then the monthly fees. And we hear about fines being charged for false alarms. We sure would like to have a security system, but our budgets just don’t have room for that additional expense.

So our inner mine tells us, “Hey, nobody in our neighborhood has had a break-in, we are safe. The burglars go after the bigger more expensive homes that are loaded with goodies, right?”

Wrong, the bigger homes have the security systems with all the bells and whistles. No burglar wants to mess with that. Why take that chance when there are plenty of houses basically wide open.

 You don't want this crime scene in your front yard

So one day on your way home from work you see a police car just down the street. The neighbor next door fills you in. There was a burglary in the middle of the day.

Or worse yet, you pull into the garage, enter the side door and see broken glass at a back window. Oh my god, you feel panic. Someone has broken in. Are they still here? Your heart is racing a mile a minute.

You take a careful and quiet look around. The flat screen TV is gone. Dresser drawers lay thrown on the floor. The place has been ransacked. You’ve been robbed! Your wife’s jewelry is gone!

The Time to Take Action is Now

Yes, I have lived that nightmare. You can read my story that jolted me into home security systems and writing this website. It changed my life.

So take action. Read what we have to say here so you will be prepared. This is no small step you are taking. We are talking about your family and home.

Alarm companies would love to come show you their home security systems. I’m sure you already knew that. Be prepared because they will cost more than just a few bucks.

 Find a good handy man

And also consider our DIY (do it yourself) section. It is our website’s most popular subject. You’ll learn from our website that there are many security improvements you can do yourself, and they won’t break the bank.

And you don’t have to be a licensed electrician to install most of these security devices. Recent technology upgrades have made wireless cameras and receivers very functional for existing homes.

Or, if using tools is not your thing, then maybe hiring a handy man would work. If you check in at our home security store section you will learn what you need, then you can make the purchase and have them installed.

If you are building a new home then learn from our wired security system articles. A wired system will be your best bet.

And alarm systems will increase the value of any home.  Did you know many homeowner insurance companies offer a 15 to 25 percent discount for homes with security systems. The fact that most people don’t even know that their insurance company offers such a discount is disturbing.

 Take Action Now!

Let me ask again. Do you want a home that is secure and safe? Of course you do!

So please, something brought you to this website. Let’s work together to make your home safer. Don’t put this off for another day. Take action now! Your family deserves it.

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