What is SBI - Real or Scam?

Would you like some extra cash every month?  Who wouldn’t?  It is possible to work from home and make some spending money by having your own website or websites.  Would you like to make enough to quit your day job? It is possible.

A couple of years ago after my kids had grown up and my nights of running to a practice or game had ended, I was bored watching TV. I decided to see if I could find a better way to spend my time and possibility make some money. Our youngest was still in college and the extra cash would come in handy.

Of course I did what most people do and that was google how to make money online. And for about nine months I wondered aimlessly around on the internet reading and trying one method after another.

How I Found SBI

Being an accountant, I am conservative with my money and did not buy any of the wild goose chases I came across. And there were many. Maybe you already know this, but there are plenty of “gurus” that will take a hefty amount of your money for little in return.  They are out for the quick buck and some people fall for it.

About the time I was going to give up and go back to the nightly TV shows, I stumbled across a company by the name of SiteSell,Inc  or “SBI” for short. A woman had written an article about her website in a forum that I was reading.

She detailed the whole process she and her husband had gone thru to pick the subject of their website and the building of the site. They had followed a plan that was laid out by SBI. The plan showed them  step by step what to do.  The whole idea was just what I was looking for. It made me ask, "What is SBI"?

What is SBI?

Needless to say I went to their website and learned more and asked a lot of questions. This is what I had searching for for nine months. I joined SBI and started my own website.

I have a love for baseball and since all three of my sons had played baseball, I knew quite a bit. So I built a website about youth baseball.

That site launched about two years ago. I won’t kid you and tell you it doesn’t take a lot of work and time to make some money. It does. Everyone’s time table is different and a lot depends on how much time you can put in and the subject you choose.

 My website makes a few hundred dollars every month. It earns more in the summer and less in the winter. Because of it I get to drive a new truck. Yes, it covers my monthly payment. And now the website runs on mostly auto pilot. I put a few hours in each month just keeping it updated and answering a few questions readers ask.

So I’m back to having some time on my hands, and that has led to this website. It worked so well the first time, I know it will work again, even better.

So if you would to learn more, just click here, SBI. This truly is the best way to make money online. The people in the SBI organization are great and will help you with every step. It really is a fun adventure and one that many couples do together.

SBI Success Stories

Solo Build It has thousands of success stories from all over the world and all walks of like. They have been around for about 15 years I believe. Here are some of the success stories told by the people who lived the. Solo Build It Success

Once you have learned more about Solo Build It you usually have some questions. Here is place you can go and have your questions answered by the pros.Solo Build It Questions

And if you have a question for me just drop me a line here on the Contact Us page. I will give you my honest answer. Thank you for your time.


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