Get Your Home Security Checklist Right

 Follow your home security checklist

Everyone needs a home security checklist because the number of residential break-ins and other home offenses has increased immensely in the last few years for some homeowners. I’ll bet that’s not the first time you have heard that.

Residential crime has been getting worse for the homes that do not have a home security system. For homes that do have some security measures the crime is going down. That should tell you what you need to do.

I grew up in a small rural town back in the sixties. The only time we locked our doors was when we were gone overnight. Nowadays crime has also filtered its way to the country areas. There is just no getting away from it.

However, homeowners can avoid these offenses by acting a little more responsible. Most offenses are carried out by criminals who are unsophisticated and jump at any immediate opportunity.  

Homeowners need to understand that because of their lax security, they are providing these opportunities.

The best way of restoring safety to your house is by installing a home security system. Homeowners should give higher importance to the security of their home. It is a very an essential thing these days.

 Home Security does not have to be expensive

Many people think that home security systems are expensive. A complete security system with many cameras and alarms can be very costly. But if a complete package is out of your price range, why give up?

When you buy new furniture or appliances, do you buy only top of the line, or nothing? There are plenty of things you can do to protect your home that are not that expensive. Why not make a home security checklist that you can afford and make a habit of following it every time you step out of your house.

How to Prepare the Home Security Checklist

One of the first things that you need to make sure about your home security checklist is to have automatic timers for your outside lights as well as the lights which are inside the house. The timers that are available these days have a battery backup and they have random off/on time.

The battery backup will help you in case there is no power supply. You need to give your house an occupied look both in the night as well as in the day time.

The next thing you need to check in your home security checklist is to keep one spare key of your house with your neighbor or a friend whom you trust the most. The person with whom you keep the keys should check your house at least once in every 48 hours when you are out of town.

Another important thing you need to check is that all your windows, garage doors and rest of the doors are locked properly. Do not forget to disconnect the power supply of the automatic garage doors.

In case you are going for a long trip or vacation, request your neighbor to clean up all the newspapers which may lie in front of your main door. Or even better yet, have the paper and mail deliveries stopped while you are gone.

Installing a Safety Alarm

 Every home needs an alarm

Installing a safety alarm is also a very important thing on your home security checklist. Purchase an alarm that is loud when tripped. Usually, a criminal will never break into a house which has an alarm security system.

And there are security alarms that will fit into most budgets. Also, be sure to proudly display signs that you have alarms installed on your property.

 While the burglar might not see the alarms and be deterred, why would he doubt the signs? Make sure they are visible to everyone.

Videoing and Your Neighbors

Another thing you should do before going on a vacation or trip is to video all your belongings in the house. You should video all your property and belongings. This may be of a great help in case there is any unfortunate incident while you are away.

 Friendly neighbors

Maintaining good relations with your neighbor can also possibly be one of the things on your home security checklist. It always helps to have caring neighbors. Try and maintain a neighbor community which is good and trustworthy.

These are some of the few important things that should be present on your home security checklist. Breaking into an empty house is not a very difficult task. However, by taking some care and by taking certain security measures and steps you can turn it into a very tough task. After all it’s your home and you are the one who needs to be responsible.

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