A Wireless DIY Security Camera System

Installing a DIY security camera is not that tough

Keeping your family safe is more important than ever. A professional security system is a great idea, but it might be in your budget at the moment.

If this is the case for you, then learning to build and install a DIY security camera will be beneficial. You can actually coordinate an entire home security system, wireless, if you are using the right tools.

The first component of the security camera system is the camera. If you are using a camera that you already have at home, then your options are obviously limited. You should invest in a new camera if possible, there are some surprisingly low priced cameras found online.

Buying a wireless IP web camera is a pretty cost efficient solution. These cameras are perfect for establishing a DIY security camera system inside the home. Most of these cameras aren't made for the outdoors, but you can find those online as well.

Using Web Cameras

Use a small web camera

Are you going to use cameras that you already have at your house? Most people at least have a web camera around the home. These are great for setting up a security presence, but might require running long wires.

Wired web cameras typically use USB cables that have a maximum length of 15 meters. This is why you are better off buying wireless web cameras.

Why wireless IP web cameras? Well, the IP is referring to the “Internet Protocol”. The feed from your web cam is hosted on your network at a private IP address that only you will know. You can watch your new DIY security camera system wherever you are at in the world if you have an internet connection.

Viewing on Your Smart Phone

Watch you wireless camera feeds from your smart phone

Some cameras come with applications for smart phones for additional viewing option. This would be the best idea if you have a smart phone. With this app you can watch the feed from your home security system at work, in the car, or in an elevator. You never need to be worried about the state your home is in, even if you can't afford an expensive home security system.

Obviously, there are plenty of advantages that come with an actual home security system.

The DIY Option

A wireless camera that is not too tough to install

This DIY option is a great fix, but no substitution for a professionally installed security system. Safety and security when you are away from the home are extremely important, especially if you have a family to worry about. Now, you can have some peace at mind with only a few simple web cameras.

What if you don't have a web cam? If you have an older video camera without a computer connection, then you can make recordings and watch at another time.

However, even older cameras usually have a red – white – and yellow connection to a television. You can find converter boxes that will allow this connection to connect to some computers. This really depends on your type of graphics card. It would be much easier to buy a new diy security camera than attempting this.

Cost vs. Benefits

How does the cost of this system compare to a professional installation system? You get a lot of additional benefits when you use a professional system. Most of them come with alarm systems, a huge number of cameras, infrared, and all various features. They can usually be viewed online and through smart phone applications.

The DIY method is a lot cheaper, but limited by the cameras you have or buy. That being said, it is still cheaper to buy several IP wireless web cameras.

In the end, your budget and the supplies you have on-hand will probably decide whether you take the DIY route.

Update: I'm always on the lookout for good DIY security videos and I found this one that tells about cost DIY security cameras.

Watch and enjoy. Thanks.

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