Creating A Do It Yourself Security System for Your Home

You don't want this crime scene in your front yard

Your homes are meant to be your safe place. It is supposed to be where you go to feel protected and secure. But with all the crime around us, and if you do not have a good security system, then you may not feel that way.

There is a way to get that feeling, though and it is to perform a do it yourself security system installation. This will ensure that you make your home the strong, safe, and secure place you want it to be. 

This way you take the safety and security of your family and our home into your own hands and make sure it is done correctly

Install a Complete Do It Yourself Security Plan  

Good outside lighting will help scare off intruders

A strong do it yourself security plan will prioritize the safety and security of your family first. Issues such as door security, lighting, and windows must be addressed. 

Both outdoor lighting and motion detectors should be included in any security system to ensure there are no holes where someone could lurk in the dark.

Doors should be evaluated for additional security through the use of deadbolts, inward swinging hinges and sensors that alert if windows are opened. 

Windows are the highest threat of attack, especially sliding windows, but they can be made more secure with key locks and sensors that sound when the windows are opened.

Additional lighting solutions include outdoor lighting in garages, entryways, sides of the house where plantings may create dark areas, and along the back.

Lighting windows and doors deters intruders from even attempting a break-in because they would much rather break into a home that is dark.

Helpful Lighting Kits

There are lighting kits that work with do it yourself security systems, many of which do not even need installation.  These type of lighting options merely plug into an existing outlet.  Another innovative lighting option is a solar light which last much longer than they did in previous versions.

Upgrade to Secure Doors

Install good door locks

Another very good measure to increase security in your home is to replace flimsy exterior doors with solid wood or stile-and-rail doors.  It is also a good idea to change all exterior doors to inward swinging doors, all equipped with deadbolts.

Any patio doors should be equipped with a three-point locking system to include a deadbolt.  Patio doors are a criminal’s dream come true if not properly secured.  Be sure to include this in your diy security plan.

Another favorite entry point into a home for intruders is the window.  All windows should be either an awning window or a swinging casement window, both fitted with a cam lock.  The cam lock has a metal plate which rotates 180 or 90 degrees when a key is inserted and turned.

Security System Elements

Video intercom is top of the line

Other good elements of a do it yourself security system are:

Video monitoring.  Video monitoring can help keep an eye on your family when you are away and your children are with a babysitter or a nanny.  It allows you to check on older children when they are by themselves. 

Video monitoring will definitely give intruders pause if they break into your home.  Video monitoring helps identify guests or individuals at the door before answering.  It often helps qualify for discounts on home insurance.

Lighting.  As we stated earlier, any self-respecting intruder would rather break into a dark house than a well-lit one.  A home that is appropriately lit helps to discourage burglars because they are afraid they may be seen by a neighbor or passerby while they are trying to get into the home.

Secure Windows.  Any windows on ground level are the first points of entry an intruder will try.  When your windows are secured with good blocking devices which ensure an intruder cannot reach through and unlock your window, it prevents them from entering. 

Never open a window more than six inches for ventilation and make sure the window is blocked and cannot be opened any further from the outside.  Make sure whatever is blocking the window cannot be accessed from outside.

A do it yourself security system can help make your home safer and more secure for both you and your family.

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