The Logic of A DIY Alarm System

Home breakins can happen to any of us

Many people are intimidated when it comes to the installation of a home alarm system. Although people are aware of the need, they feel that they do not have the technical skills to tackle such a project.

But for many of us, our budgets say we need to at least consider a DIY alarm system.

There are over two million homes that are burglarized each year, which amounts to one home that is broken into every 15 seconds, according to the FBI.

People feel the expense of having a service install an alarm system is too expensive, plus there is the feeling that it will never happen to them.

Thieves are creatures of opportunity. Most of the time they like to get in the house get what they can get and then be out and gone in the space of about five minutes.

Any deterrent that discourages them or makes them think that it will not be an easy entry, will tend to make them move on.

DIY Advantage

There is a really good advantage to the homeowner in a DIY alarm system, or a do it yourself home security system installation. First of all it is less expensive, because labor and design costs are eliminated.

Secondly, the homeowner may actually be able to put together a more comprehensive system because who knows the layout of the property better than the homeowner.

Thirdly, the pride of accomplishment will certainly reward the homeowner because of his successful installation and the ability of being able to maintain the system moving forward. If there is a problem, he will be able to pinpoint the issue and keep things working.

A big advantage in today’s technological advancements is that most of the moving parts of a DIY alarm system can be purchased as wireless components.

This gives a total freedom in design and placement because there is no need to run wires from component to component and have to constantly worry about connections.

Home Security Plan

Draw up a plan and follow it

The first step in setting up the home security system is to case the property. Think like a burglar. Statistics show that 67 percent of home break-ins come through the front door. A solid, police approved dead bolt locking system should be installed there. Check with the local police department and find out what they recommend. As an additional precaution, dead bolt all of the doors in the house the same way.

Next make a rough schematic of all the windows that you will need to place sensors, which will send a signal when they are opened. Decide where you will want cameras. Typically remote cameras would show who is at the front door, strategic outside vulnerabilities like secluded walkways, etc.

Decide where you will need to place any infrared and motion detection devices. Build in to the diy alarm system the capability of being able to access the system remotely with a smart phone.

Decide where you will want the monitor that will display the images from the cameras and indicators from the infrared, motion detection and window breaches. Probably the bedroom or a den is ideal.

Purchase and Install

Be sure to place security stickers on doors and windows

The purchase of the devices can be easily accomplished from retail stores like Radio Shack or suppliers that specialize in these types of merchandise. Installation instructions are for the most part very easily followed and plainly understood.

The next step is to install the devices, place the monitor and test the system. Be sure and place stickers on all the windows announcing the presence of an alarm system. This alone can be instrumental of scaring off intruders.

Many people ask whether or not their system should be connected to the police. I would recommend that it not be connected. First of all there is the propensity of false alarms. This can happen frequently once the system is first installed. It may take some adjustments to fine tune the system.

Secondly, since it will take about 20 minutes for the police to arrive anyway, any sound or aberration directed towards the intruder will probably cause them to move on.

The homeowner by now has discovered that the installation of his DIY alarm system was easy and a lot of fun.

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