A Quick Guide to Do It Yourself Home Security

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Getting burglarized is one of the biggest fears for the average home-owner. The thought of someone breaking in to your home and looking through your possessions is not pleasant.

Even if you have insurance that covers everything that gets stolen, the psychological impact of having someone enter your property and take things that may have had a sentimental value to you is not something to be overlooked.

The best way to prevent a burglary is to make your home unappealing to criminals. Most criminals are opportunistic, and they won't bother with your property if it looks too difficult for them to enter.

Even simple home security precautions can help to dissuade a burglar from trying to get into your home.

Essential Elements of a Do It Yourself Home Security System

There are several things that your Do It Yourself home security system should contain. Naturally, you should have a burglar alarm, but other things to consider include the physical security of your windows and doors, as well as the way the rest of your property is laid out.

Learning to think like a burglar will help you to put together a simple home security system that will make you less likely to be targeted.

Most burglars try to gain entry into properties from the rear, and they want to work from an area that is out of sight. Make sure that all of your windows are locked whenever you leave your property.

Invest in double glazing if you can afford to do so, because single-glazed windows are easy to break, and a tempting sight for any would-be intruder.

Don’t Skimp on Outside Lighting

Keep your house well-lit

Burglars like to be able to work un-disturbed. Keeping your property well-lit deprives intruders of an easy way to work without being seen.

You can also deter intruders by investing in a secure fence. A tall, sturdy fence makes it harder for people to gain access to your property, and can be turned into a decorative element if you plant a nice hedge behind it.

Of course, the simplest security precaution is simply to not advertise that you have anything worth stealing. Keep your valuables well out of sight, and be discrete when you go away on holiday.

If you have an LCD TV that is clearly visible through your window, and you post on Foursquare and Facebook making it obvious that you are away from home, then you are virtually inviting a criminal to come and take your property. Be discrete and you will not tempt people to break in to your home.

If it is well designed, a Do It Yourself home security system can be a cost-effective way to keep your home safe. Sophisticated home security systems are available that push alerts to your phone, or contact a private security firm if an intrusion is detected, but these systems are overkill for most people.

A combination of some good locks, a burglar alarm, and some motion-detecting lights and timer based lights are all most home-owners need to stay secure.

The main idea behind a Do It Yourself home security plan is to prevent a break in. By being well-lit and some noticeable alarms around, most burglars will move on to an easier house to rob.

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