DIY Security System - Installing Your Own

Installing a DIY security system may be a lot easier than you think. Most of the various parts are not that expensive, and nearly all of them operate on a wireless basis which makes things even more in line with the word easy.

The first concept is to think like a burglar. If you do a little research, you will learn that 60 percent of home burglaries come straight through the front door.

A quick, solid kick at the latch area will shatter the wood in the frame or the door and in they come. That little procedure will take about 10 seconds.

Daytime Intruders

An unwanted daytime burglar

Many daytime intruders will pull up to your house in a repair truck or a similar looking vehicle. Most neighbors don’t pay much attention and figure that you are having some repairs done. They walk up to your front door, take a look around to be sure no one is watching, and boom, they kick in the front door.

So the first order of business is to install a police approved deadbolt system on the front door. Check with your local police department for brands that they have learned in their experience to work. Not every brand that says it will work actually does.

Develop a  DIY Security System Plan

Come up with a home security plan

Next you will want to check and pretend that if you were breaking in to your own house, where would you try to enter. Make a note at all windows, side and back doors to place the appropriate devices at these locations.

Burglars hate noise and attention. So you will want to put motion detectors, cameras and lights at vulnerable points of possible entrance. If the intruder cracks a window in the back of the house, you want a siren or some similar alarm to bathe the neighborhood in sound. He will probably not stick around to hear the rest of the song.

 Inside the house, cameras can be placed at strategic positions as well. This will be used more for identification purposes, because he will already be inside of the house.

 Most burglars will want to be in and out of the house within 5 to 10 minutes, and they will go for anything that they feel is valuable, and then take off.

They will be looking for jewelry, safes, purses, billfolds, credit cards, and the like. They will take cell phones, sound systems, silverware and as much as they can quickly grab and make haste in leaving.

The main line of defense is the outside of the house. The tactic is to discourage the intruder at that point with lighting and noise, if at night, with noise in the daytime, and in most cases that will do it.

Once you have decided where to place the security alarms, cameras and motion detectors, your DIY security system will be a formidable deterrent against any burglar.

Be Careful Connecting to the Police Station

It is not advisable to have your security system hooked into the local police station. You do not want to have the police having to run by every time you have a false alarm. You may get a few of those until you get your system tweaked a bit.

You do want to be notified when you are away that your perimeter alarms are going off. You preferably want a system that will notify you, say on your smart phone, and have video showing that someone is actually there attempting to break in. That is when you will call the police.

Inside Monitor

Monitor your home your a laptop

You will want a monitor inside the house as well, placed in the bedroom so you will be able to readily view the situation and verify that you truly have someone attempting a break-in.

Also inside the home place the alarm trips, the lights, and the audible alarms where the action will be. Since these devices can be set up as wireless, you will not have to run any wiring. This is a big savings of time and money.

Once you have completed your installation, you can pat yourself on the back and say, “Well done!” Of course, you can always tweak some more; it’s your DIY security system.

That’s another big benefit of doing it yourself, adding and change the system is easy when you are the installer.

One last thought. If you feel you cannot do the installation yourself, you will still be dollars ahead by hiring a handyman. If you don’t know one, then ask around or check the want ads or Craig’s list. You still control the whole process this way, and can customize your DIY security system to your liking.   

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