All about the Burglars and Different Kinds of Thieves

You don't want to meet this burglar!

Whenever you leave your home, why do you lock your doors? Most people respond by saying the doors are locked to protect their belongings from burglars.

But do burglars only rob people in their homes? No, they will steal from you anywhere, like near ATM centers, shopping malls, movie theaters etc.

But quite often we will leave our car unlocked, or walk away for a second from our purse at a grocery store. There are thieves just waiting to see someone acting careless like this.

And then there are thieves who will plot their crime for months. Let’s take a look at the different types of thieves.

Basically, there are 5 types of burglars according to the police record history. Let’s learn all about the burglars.


These are the cunning workers who wait for the golden opportunities where they can take away things in an easy and quick way. They watch for people to leave their back doors to their home unlocked or to leave their car windows rolled down.

Then these burglars will make use of your forgetfulness or laziness and strike quickly. Usually these burglars will only take few of the things from your home or car. They are not sure how long you are gone so they want to get in and out as fast as possible.

Grabbers or Smashers

This thief is bad news!

This is the most dangerous type of burglar, those who directly attack the victim to grab their things. These burglars won’t show any mercy on you and will run off after grabbing your belongings.

Sometime these burglars will kill their victim so they won’t be able identify them to the police. These Smashers will breakdown a door to get into your home or business.

They operate with violence. If you learn one thing from all about the burglars, be alert at all times. These guys are looking for easy, weak prey.


Typical burglars in burglar-oriented thriller movies are called Prowlers. These burglars are more professional than the Opportunists and Smashers. Prowler burglars only carry their work with lots of preparation.

They will organize and prepare a plan before committing their crime. Typically their plan includes targeting, following a victim’s habits and learning their schedules. These types of burglars usually target the big houses, to gain more loot from the burglary.

Targeted Thieves

Targeted buglers are the well skilled Prowlers who usually carry out their crime by living or working for their target. This gives them the chance to learn the daily routines and schedules of all the family members or business workers.

Targeted burglars will usually have a network of many thieves across the country and their stolen items will be sold in other countries or other states.

Complete Thieves

These burglars are much more professional and advanced than the Targeted Thieves. They do in-depth research and planning of their target.When learning all about the burglars, these are the toughest to identify.

They typically befriend an insider or place one of their own inside the home or business, These burglars will target a home with high valued items and take ample time with their preparation.

Complete thieves are the most thorough burglars and they will study each and every step that they may encounter while performing the robbery.

When they are ready to commit the crime they have the insider alert them when the house members are going to be gone for a long period,

Keep Your Guard Up

Turn your home security system on when you leave

The main to take from learning all about the burglars is to stay aware of what is going on around you. Burglars are dangerous and want to strike the easiest mark.

Leaving doors unlocked or your purse in a car is just asking for trouble. And if you have a home security system installed, by all means turn it on when you leave, even if you are only going to be gone for only a short while.

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