Home Security Comparison – You Make the Choice

If you own a home, then safety should be a huge concern for you. Every year, 200,000 plus home burglaries occur in the United States; therefore, it is vital that you do all you can to protect your family and yourself.

This article will give you a home security comparison and explain why home security systems are important.

We Are All a Target

First of all, home burglars are very likely not concerned with you or your family's personal safety. In fact, there are some burglars who only break into a home when the homeowners are home so that they can hold them hostage and demand them to withdraw all of their money from their online accounts.

 Having a home security system in place will help prevent this nightmare from occurring to you and your loved ones. You know this and that is why you are searching the internet, but which security system should you choose? Keep reading for our home security comparison.

 We are all atrgets for burglars

 Second, due to the harsh economic times we are facing, more and more people are resorting to criminal activity in order to make ends meet. Even if you believe burglars will not bother breaking into your home because you believe you do not have any valuables, you are wrong.

 Regardless of how much you have, burglars will break in if they believe they can. The sight of a security or alarm system will send the burglar away. He’s looking for the easy entrance house, not one secured.

Security Systems Will Increase Your Home's Value

Also, a home security system can do more than protect your home. For instance, a security system can increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell.

 Home security is extremely important for home buyers; therefore, having a home security system already built into your home can be a huge selling point. Keep this in mind when reviewing our home security comparison. You could recoup your security costs when you sell your home.

 Another advantage of a home security system is that your home insurance costs will likely decrease. Because you have reduced the risk of burglary, your home is better protected. In fact, if your home has already been broken into, your insurance company may require you to put in a home security system in order to keep your rates low.

This Feature Is "Priceless"

Finally, home security systems provide you with more than safety and financial security. They also provide you with peace of mind. Your worry will be less about your home being broken into whenever you are not there. How does the saying go, “This is priceless”.

Comparisons Made

To do our home security comparison correctly, we must point out that having a dog, especially one that is alert and likes to bark, is better than no security at all. This might actually discourage a few criminals from breaking into your house.

 But, I’m sure you will agree any burglar with half a brain will be prepared to handle a dog. If you already have a dog, he is probably like a member of your family. So, in fact, a security system will also protect him.

 If you don’t have a dog, getting one just for protection is not a good choice. Besides not being much of an alarm system, he also takes a lot of care and expense to maintain. So, a dog is not part of our home security comparison.

Monitored Systems

 Monitoring alarm company on the job

There are several different types of home security systems you can install.

The first type of system in our home security comparison is a monitored system. Monitored systems will alert the call center anytime a sensor is broken.

 The monitoring is done by a local or national alarm company. They will try to contact you when an alarm is tripped. If, after an agreed upon number of attempts they cannot reach you they will contact the local authorities.

 Unfortunately, there are some downsides to this. The first is that children and house guests can easily trigger the alarm, and if the law is called, you could face high fines. The second is that it usually takes 30 to 40 seconds for the call center to call, which provides enough time for a burglar to make a quick run through your home.

Not Monitored Systems

Another kind of home security system is an unmonitored system. These systems rely on loud noises to deter criminal activity.

 These types of systems are typically not as costly as the monitored systems However, if you are not home to hear the alarm go off, you can only hope your neighbors will hear the alarm and call the authorities. If the loud noise does not deter the burglars and your neighbors do not react, burglars will disarm the alarm and then steal your priceless items.

Wired Systems

 Wiring an existing home

You can also install a hardwired system. These systems send data to a central control panel, which is installed in a hidden location with a keypad that allows the user to activate or deactivate the system with a user-generated password. Unfortunately, installing this type of system in an existing home requires running many wires through the walls.

 If you are instead in the preplanning stages of building a new home, this might be an excellent option for you. Installing a wired system as the house is being built is much easier and less expensive then in a built home.

New Choice - Wireless Systems

 Wireless camera and receiver

Finally, you have the option of going wireless. Because they require no wires, wireless devices are extremely easy to install. They are also very mobile in case you move. Unfortunately, they do suffer from electromagnetic interference, and you must replace batteries frequently.

However, there are new advances being made in the technology of wireless alarms and cameras. The first of two big advantages is the distance you can now place between alarms or cameras, and their receiver. The distance has grown from around fifty feet to three hundred and fifty feet.

The other big advantage is much less interference from other appliances with the new digital wireless devices.

One more note about the new popular wireless security is these devices are something most people could self install. Be sure to check out our DIY section for more information.


Now you should have better idea of what types of security systems are available. On our website is more information about each type of system described here.

 Regardless of the choice you make, installing a home security system is something you need. This system will help ensure you and your family's safety and financial security. We hope our home security comparison has helped in your search.

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