Home Security Lights - Increase your Outdoor Safety  

Home security lights with motion sensors

Your home is your castle. Even though you don't have a moat and a draw bridge, you want to keep your family safe.

There are many security alarm companies and systems available in the market. But they alert only when the intruder enters the home.

Therefore, it is always better to look for a highly effective preventive security system for your home.

Considering these  circumstances, home security lights become very desirable. Thieves definitely don't want to ply their trade on a well lit home. If they are prowling at night, it's because they want to work in the dark.

Technology has advanced in this area and you one can get high quality security lighting systems. Most people do not like the glare of light always surrounding their home.

 And neighbors  may complain that the lights are flooding their rooms during the night. So when shopping for a lighting system, please consider all the options described below.

Home Security Lights with Motion Sensors

Flood lights with motion sensors is a good idea, especially since they save lot of energy and spare complaints from neighbors. This system not only turns on the lights by itself when an intruder is prowling on the premises, but, also welcomes you when you return home in the evenings.

If stomping thru your yard, the thief's heart will jump when the light turns on and most likely he will run away. That's exactly what you want.

Security Lights with Timers

Security lights with timers are most suited when you are away on a weekend vacation. Often times a thief will watch your house and check to see if anyone is home. So you need a way to make him believe that indeed someone is home.

In this system, the light comes with a timer that can be programmed to switch on the light in random order at different parts of home. So anyone watching your home will hopefully get the impression that someone is home.

And even when you are alone at home, you don't have to move around the home switching the lights on/off. The timers will handle this task.

Low Voltage Security Lights

Good front door lighting

Low voltage home security lights are good for lighting the front porch, corridor, and backyard.  But these lights do add to the electricity bill.

There are many types of low voltage lights. A few of the types are mushroom lights, flood lights, and deck lights. The flood lights are common as they provide dramatic silhouettes and offer excellent security. Not only that they can be virtually mounted on anything, including walls, trees, posts or even on the ground pointing skyward.

Outdoor Lights Controlled from Your Bedside

This outdoor safety system lets you to operate your yard and porch lights from any room in the house with a table top controller. If anyone is snooping around the house, turning on the exterior lights will definitely scare them away.

With such a system you can do that, without even leaving the comfort of the bed in the middle of the night.

Keychain Remote to Switch on the Home Security Lights

Keychain remotes to switch on the home lights are very useful, especially if you are returning home alone after dark when it is a bit creepy.

As you pull into the driveway hit the button and the dark lonely house become awash in lights. You feel a lot safer pulling into the garage or walking up to the front porch with some lights on.

Solar Home Security Lights

Solar security lights can be either used just for flood lights or can be connected to timers. If you want to save the energy on outdoor lights you can use LED flood lights or you can use solar powered flood lights.

They take energy from the sun in the day and save it to be used in the night. You can even attach the lights through motion sensor detectors making this more effective.

For all of the above to work properly, security illumination fixtures must be installed properly. These lights must be placed high above the ground so that the intruder may not be able to disable them.

If used on the ground, then lights must be properly protected with metal mesh so the rouges cannot break them. The lights should not be facing your neighbor's house. And they should not glare at oncoming drivers.

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