Benefits of Car Alarm Systems

Car alarm systems offer car owner’s many valuable benefits.

Not only do they serve as a deterrent for would-be car robbers, some car alarms are also outfitted with GSM-enabled technology that allows for the vehicle to be tracked if it’s stolen.

This helps to ensure the vehicle is returned to the owner as soon as possible.

Stay Clear of Thin Wiring

When people are looking for a car alarm that fits their needs, they should keep in mind that not all alarm systems are manufactured the same way. Some systems are built with thin wiring systems, which saves on costs; although it can make the car alarm system more vulnerable.

This makes it crucial that people opt to look for a car alarm system which is designed with thick cable armoring; this will prevent the system from short-circuiting due to an attempted electric current overload that some auto thieves use to gain access to a vehicle.

Many car alarms can be found over the Internet and there are many brands of alarms that feature different options.


Like mentioned earlier, some car alarms are GSM-based. In the event the owner’s vehicle is broken into while it’s armed, along with a sound alarm that will be emitted, the GSM technology will also make an automatic phone call to the owner’s cell phone, or home phone. When this happens, the alarm system utilizes microphones to listen in on, and record live audio of what’s occurring in the vehicle.

Furthermore, built-in speakers allow the owner to speak with the car robber themselves. This allows the owner to advise the robber to stop the car safely, and leave the vehicle locked in a designated parking spot.

If the robber doesn’t agree to these terms, the owner may simply make use of a button that will automatically power the vehicle engine down.

Along with the GSM-enabled technology, most car alarms also feature GPS. This allows the vehicle to be located after it’s been stolen. In addition, those with smart phones may also download an app for their alarm system as well.

Installation Process

While some alarm systems are able to be installed by the average individual, others require an experienced car alarm installer to ensure the unit is installed correctly.

Some alarms are color-coded and are easily installed into the system, while other systems might require professional electrical wiring to be done. Some alarm systems, known as immobilizer alarms, are simply noise emitters.

These alarms have no other features other than flashing the vehicle lights, honking the horn and blaring sirens, and automatically locking the vehicle doors.

Learn Features then Shop Features

Whatever car alarm system an individual ends up choosing, they should ensure it has the features they’re looking for, and they should also look to see whether they can install the alarm themselves or if they’ll have to hire professional help.

More basic car alarms might be suited for economy vehicles or used cars, while sports cars or luxury vehicles might be better suited for more advanced car alarms. Whichever alarm system is chosen, it will help to safeguard people’s vehicles from theft or damages.

In conclusion, when people are looking to find a car alarm for their vehicle, they should take the time to make sure it’s the right system for them.

People might want to incorporate GSM and GPS enabled alarm systems into their Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Corvettes, or Range Rovers.

Meanwhile, those with used vehicles, or first time cars may want to opt for more basic alarms. However, it’s up to the owner of the vehicle to decide which option best suits them and their car.

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