House Alarm Systems – Be Prepared!

You don't want this crime scene at your home

The good old days seem far behind us now and if news headlines are any indication so is our own sense of security. We can’t take anything for granted now. No wonder house alarm systems are more popular than ever.

The days when we could leave our doors unlocked were days when we wore our trust like badges of honor. In this day and age we would be considered naive to think practicing blind trust would invite anything but disaster into our lives.

Stay Safe

The threat of crime infringing on our personal living space is much more tangible to us than it’s ever been before. Good dependable house alarm systems can help restore our home into the safe haven we want it to be.

Imagine for a moment the horror and fear the townspeople of Watertown, Massachusetts felt on April 19/2013 when the entire town and all of Boston was locked down by police and law enforcement officials in search of a murder suspect.

People were asked to stay indoors and lock their doors, while police scoured neighborhoods looking for the suspect. Despite the incredibly difficult hours that followed for all of its citizens, a greater sense of relief and preparedness would have been enjoyed by those with good working alarm systems.

Multi-featured Alarm Systems

 Running wires thru the walls

House alarm systems are designed to keep intruders out. A good working alarm system will warn homeowners of any impending threat from thieves or any other unwanted visitors. House Security systems consist of a variety of features ranging from door and window sensors and motion lights to security cameras.

Alarm systems are available in a hard-wired mode or totally wireless. Hard-wired alarm systems are dependent on existing electrical power sources in the home. Installing these systems in a house that has already been constructed will require costly renovations to accommodate the system.

Houses that are still bare bones and under construction lend themselves much better to installation of this particular type.


Wireless house alarm systems are not dependent on any wiring and are battery powered. Some can be plugged into 110V and have a battery back up for electricity outages. That would be the best of both worlds.

These features make them flexible and portable. If you rent either an apartment or a house and you choose to move your alarm system can move with you.

However, if you are selling your house and the new buyer sees your security devices, they are going to want them included in the sales. You see, security systems add value to a home that everyone wants.

Monitor at a Distance

 They are keeping an eye over you

Hard-wired or wireless house alarm systems can be either monitored by a professional home security company or by the homeowner. The homeowner with the right application can even monitor the security status of their homes from any distance using their laptop or a mobile cell phone device.

Whether you are at work or on vacation homeowners are still very much in control. Home security companies enlisted to monitor your house security systems are trained to respond instantly to a triggered alarm dispatching pertinent information to your local police department. A watchful eye is always present.

Act Now

House alarm systems are designed to provide homeowners with dependable home security and support. Your family and home are worth protecting. And you can’t always do it without help.

By employing the assistance of a trusted home security company you can ensure something we strive for in our lives, namely, peace of mind. What could possibly be more important in your life than knowing that your home and loved ones are safe from harm’s way?

Thinking about installing an alarm system is only half the battle. The other half of the battle is simply doing it. Act now and be prepared!

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