Guardian Home Security

Let everyone know you are protected

Recent research shows that there is a property crime in every 3.1 seconds. Locks and watch dogs cannot offer complete security coverage.

It is however crucial to ensure the safety and security of your family members at home.

Guardian home security provides excellent protection to your home by using the high-tech devices, which monitor your home 24 hours a day.

This security system gives you three lines of defense interior back-up protection, exterior deterrent and perimeter protection.

Best Solution for Personal Emergency

Guardian home security offers the best solution for burglary, personal emergency and fire protection. Guardian security system automatically transmits the message to the police or fire department, if it detects any event of burglary or fire.

It also sends lifesaving medical help immediately, if any of your senior family member requires such medical assistance.

Guardian-The Name Says It All

This is a motion sensor for your home

Guardian home security system monitors your home constantly with the help of effectual devices like door contacts and window decals at entry points and motion detector for internal monitoring.

Door contacts are essential devices to protect your home from burglary threats. Motion detectors are the most sophisticated devices, which detects the movement and body heat and triggers the security system. Sirens are effective devices that emit sound to frighten the intruders.

Home security yard signs are the cost effective way to trigger the security system. Applying yard sign in the glass window or door can offer additional protection to your family members from the burglars. Window decals can help to deter a criminal to enter your home.

Guardian home security system offers enhanced protection to your beloved family members against fire accidents. It uses the state-of-the-art devices like smoke detector and heat detector. A smoke detector can detect any unusual changes in temperature and smoke.

It triggers the security system to inform your family members about the possibility of any fire accidents.

If you want to provide maximum security coverage, you can install a smoke detector in two or more place in your home. In addition, you can consider installing a heat detector, which senses the fire trouble areas like furnace room, kitchen etc, where smoke detector is inapplicable.

Guardian protection system offers 24 hours monitoring service and helps to protect your home and family members against fire. If any event is detected, Guardian summons a local fire personnel or alerts you about the potential danger.

Uses and Features

Guardian home security lends immense support to the senior family members, who need to spend more time at home alone. The personal emergency pendant helps them by sending an emergency distress signal so that they can get immediate medical assistance.

Guardian protection services also offers wireless key chain remote that can be programmed to send an emergency signal. A wireless key chain remote is small in size and is easy to carry. You can easily attach it to the key chain and can give to the older family members who stay in your home.

They can simply push on the medical alert button, in case of any emergency. This helps to save the lives of your precious family members.

As you can tell, Guardian has all or any of the features you might be wanting to protect your home and family.

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Guardian Home Security

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