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Come up with a home security checklist

Shopping for home security can be frustrating and time consuming. If you don’t know what you are looking for, or what security features you need, then you will over spend and still not have the best security.

Our goal here at Home Security Atlanta GA is to help you understand what you need and where to find it.  We have been where you are and made some bad decisions. So use our experience and see if we can help you. 

Light It Up

The old saying goes “Don’t go down a dark alley alone”. There is good reasoning with that saying. Criminals like to operate in the dark. And the darker the better.

So our first piece of advice to you, the homeowner, is light up the place. Unless you have excellent street lighting, we recommend adding some outdoor lighting.

The best solution that Home Security Atlanta GA can offer would be to have enough flood lamps that cover the whole house. At a minimum, try having a flood lamp lighting up each doorway and window on the house. You want these entry points to stand out.

And to save on your energy bills and to not keep yourself and the neighbors up all night, have these lamps run off of motion detectors. Most motion detectors have the ability to be adjusted to ignore small animals like cats and dogs or rabbits.

Offer a Sturdy Front

A sturdy door will prevent this

Burglars are known for watching houses on a block and seeing if any are empty during the day. Then they will come back and break-in when they feel that the time is right to strike.

Their number one way of entering a home is by kicking in a door. One guy will walk up and give the door a swift kick and if that didn’t work, then another. After about three or four kicks without any success, he will move on.

So a homeowner needs to have doors that will resist this onslaught. It needs to be a good sturdy door and a solid door jam. Then, besides the typical door lock, you need to have a good dead bolt lock.

The combination of a sturdy door, good door lock, a strong dead bolt, and a solid door jam should send the crook away. All of us at Home Security Atlanta GA hopes he breaks his foot on this door.

Alarms and Cameras    

Burglars don't want to see this sign

The next two items are of equal value in our eyes, but we understand if your budget only allows you installing one.

Besides a well lit house, the next thing a burglar hates to see is cameras. He doesn’t like having his picture taken.

A few well placed cameras might just be enough to scare him off. Try to have cameras that will show and record any movement around the entry points.  Home Security Atlanta GA believes a picture of the bad guy is priceless.

And have the cameras placed where he will not be able to get them without a lot of trouble.  But have them where they are visible. You hope the sight of cameras tells him to go somewhere else.

Burglar alarms are the last line of defense. If the bad guys break through the above restraints, then we are going to give them one more blast.

With detectors on all the doors and windows, anytime there is an attempted entry, you want to give them a loud welcome. Let the whole world know they just tried to get in.

Get Quotes - Home Security Atlanta GA Suggests 3 or 4 Quotes

Everything we have mentioned above can be obtained, installed and even monitored by a local or national security company. Just check online and you will find many of both.

Check how long they have been in business and they should also have some reviews to read.  Try to narrow your choices down to 3 or 4.

And now that you have a better idea what you need, make a wish list for your security system, and get quotes from your short list of security companies.

They will come and want to see your house, and that’s expected. Just let them know you are getting 3 or 4 quotes and then you will make your decision.

DIY Installation

You can install these security items

We also want to let you know that every item listed above can be purchased at a security store, either locally or online. And you can be the installer, and save tons of money.

Wireless security devices have made self installation a thing of ease. Not having to run wiring thru your inside walls has been a big plus for those who feel al little handy.

Some of our neighbors here at Home Security Atlanta GA have done their installation, we were impressed

We have a whole section of this website on DIY, please have look there and see if maybe you can save some money.

We are glad you are searching for some home security ideas. Don’t forget we have many more pages on this website loaded with information to help you get your home and family secure.

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