Three of the Best Dallas Alarm Companies

You do not want to drive home and see this in your front yard

It goes without saying that home security is not a matter to be taken lightly, particularly when it comes to highly populated areas! Dallas is among the 15 largest cities in the entire United States, and the third largest in Texas as a whole.

While it may be easy to take for granted, the unfortunate truth is that a larger population can easily lead to a greater potential for risk.

No home in such a bustling area should go under protected.

As such, let us go over some of the top choices for Dallas Alarm Companies.

DFW Wholesale Security

First and foremost, you will want to check out DFW Wholesale Security (817-231-2962) in Fort Worth. This company is all about offering the latest in technological innovation for every walk of security imaginable.

Good people work at DFW Wholesale Security

If you need house alarms, closed circuit cameras, or even virus protection for your computer, DFW Wholesale will have you covered.

Their prices are also among the very best and they have incredibly friendly and helpful employees. Overall, DFW Wholesale is one of the finer "one stop shop" experiences for security in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Action Window Guards

Once you have all manners of fancy gadgetry from DFW Wholesale, you may also want to consider consulting with Action Window Guards (972-488-2277.) With a wide breadth of products from fencing to burglar bars (with ornamental options, no less), this company should be a head turner for anyone looking to truly fortify their home.

They also offer great alarm services that work in tandem with their products, allowing for maximum protection. On top of it all, their in-home estimate service is free! With over 30 years of experience, this is easily one of the best Dallas Alarm Companies around.

FrontPoint Security

Finally, you may want to consider equipping your home with an alarm system from FrontPoint Security (888-39-7654.) Though they serve several areas all over the country, they have become quite reputable as of late.

They offer self-installation and their wireless alarm systems easily rival those from some of the other "big name" companies, all for a much lower price. Everything about their alarm system has a certain degree of finesse to it.

Given the utilization of wireless technology, it's up and working in a flash and is easy to keep going from there. If you find that the locally founded businesses just aren't doing it for you, FrontPoint is the logical next step.


Whether you are just about to move to Dallas, or are even a long time resident looking to upgrade, the three Dallas Alarm Companies above are among the best choices out there.

With their services, you will be able to feel fully confident in the overall security of your home. Even better, there is a sincere focus on the needs of the customer (in terms of overall pricing, customer service, the convenience of product installation and use, and product reliability) with these companies, easily proven by the myriad of positive reviews on the likes of the Yahoo Yellow Pages and Yelp.

Anyone in the Dallas area would be well served in choosing one of these companies for all of your alarm and security needs.

And for more ideas and more research, please visit some of our other articles here at the Dallas Alarm Companies website. As you can see in the left hand column, we provide lots of information on many home security ideas.

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