Computerized Home Security Systems

Let your laptop handle the security system

Today, we are deep into the age of computers. Without computers we cannot imagine today’s world. Even our mobile phone today operates with the help of computers!

More over, computers today, assist us in various aspects in the business world. Personal computer systems and other high technological systems play an important role in providing security to our belongings when we are away.

Computerized security systems save man-power, time, and cost. And it is possible to have the security of entire house automated with computers.

Problems with Human Security

One main problem behind manned security is that security personal may get distracted or sick while he or she is on duty. During that time, even if it is a short period of time, a theft may occur.

One cannot predict when good or bad things happen in every ones life. Computerized home security systems take that worry off your mind.

Now, talking about computers and security, one can say both are interrelated to each other. You can provide security to the computer itself, by using various security devices meant for them, such as hardware firewalls, etc. and through various software products such as antivirus, software firewalls, malicious software detection mechanisms.

Safe Recording with Computers

Today, with technological advancement, the computers can be used for performing many tasks within security systems. The age old VCR can be replaced by a computer system for recording what’s going on inside the house, even when you go out of town etc.

You can set the start end time of recording and schedule recordings according to your needs. You can also make the recordings safe, by securing it with the help of user names and passwords.

Also we can eliminate TV for use of security purposes. The TV’s role in monitoring security can be taken by the computer display screen popularly known as monitors.

Detection of movement

Manual monitoring of movement of people is a difficult task. If one has old photos of thieves or terrorists, we can store their image in the computer and get it compared with present people walking by.

Research is going on still in developing image comparison technology. If the technology is more precisely developed, then, the computer can alert the security personal or house owner, whenever an intruder, or thief or any terrorist passes through the eye of the camera.

Auto Detection of Camera Faults with the Computer

Computerized home security systems will also alert you when it’s components, such as cameras or transmitters, are not working properly. This point will be perhaps the strongest one among all the points to be taken into consideration before going to build or purchase a home security system.

Auto Storage of Movements of Thieves

As we have mentioned in other articles on this website, a video stream can be stored digitally onto the hard disks in a compact, reduced sized form. This will save the storage space and allow many video streams.

One can use many compression utilities to compress the video streams. Different kinds of security equipments can be connected to the computers today.

Overall, in today’s world, the computerized home security systems can change the home atmosphere. With advancements in computer software related technologies and improvements in hardware, you can catch thieves who gain easy access into your house. And the technology keeps improving every year.

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