Security Essentials – Let’s get down to the Basics!

The lifeblood of any system is the sum total of all its parts. The security essentials of a home system are no different. They rely on basic components to make a system that is both efficient and effective.

Outdoor Lighting - Let’s Shed some Light on the Subject

The first consideration when securing your home or property is lighting. Thieves are not professionally inclined to work in the spotlight. They have an inherent dislike for being on display.

Lighting that is focused properly on a house or property will discourage unwanted visitors from testing the parameters of your security system.

 Your home needs outdoor lights

When illuminating your home for security purposes the intention isn’t to light it up like a Christmas tree. Lighting up interior access points like doors and windows will make thieves think twice about entering your home.

A good strong light on the front door and back door will be helpful. Windows can be illuminated sufficiently with a softer light that still acts as a deterrent.

Motion lights that come on when tripped by movement should be placed in areas of the house or property where traffic is less prevalent.

Alarms - Let’s Make some Noise!

 A good loud alarm is needed

One of the most important security essentials of any home protection system is the alarm. A good effective alarm will be loud and jarring.

The purpose is to get the burglar’s attention. The message is to remind the intruder that they are not welcome in your home.

Alarms are typically set off by sensors placed on doors and windows. When an interior access point is compromised the alarm is triggered. The alarm can be anything from a wailing siren to loud shrill beeping to the hungry growls emanating from a pride of lions charging through the back window.

Whatever the sound and whatever the chosen decibel the main function is clear. The alarm is meant to scare the heck out of the intruder.

Security Cameras - Let’s Focus!

 A high tech surveilllance camera

A security essential for the home protection industry is the security camera. Once limited to use mostly in higher end homes the camera has now expanded its coverage to include all types of houses and properties.

Improvements from a technological perspective coupled with greater demand has made the security camera much more affordable. A well-positioned camera on the outside of your house will give a burglar pause to think.

Everyone wants some degree of recognition in their lives but not a burglar. A good camera will monitor and film the subject of its focus at any given point in the day. It’s the kind of advertising thieves avoid like the plague.

Being caught in the lens of a security camera is a quick way for thieves to get arrested. Cameras come in a variety of types and sizes and some are even equipped with night vision capabilities.

Security cameras that spotlight intruders are excellent deterrents. No thieve wants to the star of its own crime drama.

Video - Nailing the Perpetrator!

The video component of a camera serves a security system well. As part of a surveillance system homeowners can view the person knocking at the door or the person who takes it one step too far by entering your home uninvited.

Video can be in black and white or color and each segment is accompanied by the date and time. Forget any senseless alibis; the evidence is irrefutable and clearly incriminating.

Police look at video as being a security essential for a good effective home security system. It takes the guessing out of police work. Law enforcement that has access to video doesn’t need to depend on the panicked, anxious statements of a homeowner whose home has just been violated.

Video will provide a clear description of the perpetrator and keep one less criminal off the streets.

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