Anti Kick In Doors Add Great Protection to your Home

75% of home burglars enter by kicking in a door

Waking up in the morning the first thing I do is retrieve the morning paper to read. Over the past twenty years that I have been reading the paper I have noticed changes in the type of news, except for the crime section. Just like twenty years ago, every morning there are a few articles about home break-ins and robberies.

Home robbery and crime are two big problems in our lives. Whenever we go to work, or go out at night, and even while sleeping, we are really worried about burglars.Anti kick in doors may be the answer you need.

Something which cannot be Avoided

Most of us have to leave home and go to work. We can’t arrange our lives to stay home and defend our home every day and night.

So whenever we are gone somewhere in our brain we keep thinking about the safety of our family, home and valuable belongings. This article is going to show you that anti kick in doors offer a real solution to home crimes.

Concern about Home?

Home security systems are readily available today. A good home security system is one of the best options available to guard your home, both during day and night.

But this is not always your best or only option. Let’s say some burglars gain entry into your home and set off the alarm. If there is no one home nearby or you live in a remote area, then what good is the alarm?

Plus, burglars know there is a very limited amount of time they should be at a home. If they try kicking in a door for a couple of minutes, they will more than likely just move to another neighborhood.

Suppose the alarm had been connected to a monitoring service that you have to pay for monthly. More than likely the burglars will be gone long before the service sends out a security guard.

So we need to protect our home from burglars getting in. You could install a fence around your house. Even better, how about installing an electric fence? You bet an electric fence would keep burglars out.  

What burglars would want to mess around trying to get thru an electric fence? But there are two major problems with an electric fence. One is related to safety. Your good intentions of keeping buglers out might be ruined from injuring a child or pet. It is not worth the risk. And two is the cost. Installation and monthly electrical cost is very high.

So to restrict the intruders without causing any harm to anyone, I suggest everyone to install anti kick in doors. According to the FBI, 73% of thieves gain entry by kicking in the front or back door. After many years of research, manufacturers have come up with a kick proof method for doors.

About Anti Kick In Doors

This solid wood door would help protect your home with the right hardware

The best anti kick in doors are hard solid doors designed to prevent being kicked or rammed in. These doors come with steel door frames which are firmly attached to wall.

However, there are anti-kick-in kits that can be installed to secure your present doors. While not as safe as the anti-kick-in doors, the cost will fit into most budgets and they do work great.

Steel frame reinforcement is attached to your door frame. A door protection plate is placed over the door locking mechanism. And the door hinges and bolts are reinforced or replaced.

How Much will it Cost To Buy and Install

Add the right hardware to present door for less cost

A good solid door will cost anywhere from $200 to $8000, plus the anti-kick kits. Like normal doors, once you install it, it will protect your life against thieves as they find tough to break and gain entry in.

An anti-kick protection kit will run from $80 to $175. You can install them yourself, or if needed hire a handy man. Their cost should only be around $100.

Anti kick in doors should be high on your home security list. Many of the anti kick in kits come with decals to place on your door telling burglars they might as well move on, this door is protected.

You should feel more secure once your doors are protected. This doesn’t make your home security system complete, but it is a big step in the right direction.

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