Home Security Decals: An Inexpensive Way to Protect Your Home

Give you one of these home security decals

In an economy that continues to struggle, many communities are experiencing an increase in crime. 

At that same time, many law enforcement jurisdictions are decreasing resources to property crimes units, only increasing the incentive for bad guys to target your property.

As a result, many individuals are concerned that they might be at an increased risk of having their home broken into.  Home security decals represent a very cost effective solution towards deterring theft.

Burglars Look for Easy Targets

You don't want to invite this guy in

It is no secret that most criminals will tend to stalk the easiest targets.  It is a simple decision calculus between risk and reward. 

Most burglars are not going to want to break in to a house protected by a very advanced home security system, when they can simply go down the street to the neighbor who has no home monitoring. 

It thus stands to reason that having an advanced home security system is just as effective a deterrent to crime as it is in detecting when a break-in has occurred.

Decal Signs

The deterrent effect of these systems is so pronounced that one of the things that many of these security companies do is outfit any house that is protected by the system with a sign or decal saying that the house is monitored. 

While part of the motive behind this is advertising the company's services to other neighbors that live in the area, these decals also have the purpose of warning robbers that the home is protected in an attempt to prevent them from even trying. 

This is provides another layer of protection for the home.

Security Systems Expensive

However, most home security systems can be expensive. Usually one will have to pay a substantial upfront fee for the monitoring equipment to be installed. 

Even after the equipment is put up, usually one has to pay a monthly fee to a security company for their automated system that sends a dispatch signal if the alarms go off. 

While this can represent a good long term value in terms of protecting one's property, not every person has the money to spend on these expenses. 

We want to say that home security decals are not a good replacement for a home security system. We still recommend that you try every way possible to install an alarm system to your home.

However, if that is not possible at this time, there is a security option for the average person.

Decals for a Tight Budget

Home security decals often represent the best option for those looking for better home security on a budget.  These decals are made to appear like the decals put up by most real home security monitoring systems. 

The hope is that they are completely indistinguishable to a thief who will see the sticker and not take the chance of robbing a home because it might be protected by a home security system.  Sometimes people even add fake cameras and security system control panels to enhance the effect. 

The great news about these decals is that they are a very inexpensive way to protect a house, as they can be purchased for $3 to $10, depending on the design and the supplier.

Secret Weapon

Home security decals represent a family's secret weapon in protecting their castle on a budget.  For only a few bucks, they can leave thieves with the impression that they are protected by a monster home security system, making it more likely that the thief decides to move on to an easier residence to rob.

Last Word

One more thing we almost forgot to say. If you do have a home security system, then by all means get decals placed all over your home so every bad guy sees them.

This is something you definitely want everyone to know.

No need to hide the fact that you have an alarm system and then the burglar sets off the alarm. Let's send him down the road before he sets it off.

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