Secure Your Residence with Home Security Products

Home security products are indispensable for defending your home, family members and expensive belongings.

They help you to avoid being a victim of theft. Installing a security system at your residence will help ease the stress of protecting your loved ones.

Of course at the top of the list of products to use are alarms, security lights and security cameras. They different types and variety of these products grows every year.

These products are so popular we have whole sections of our website devoted to them. From the navigation bar on the right you can choose different topics on each one.

This article is about other less known security products. They are also very valuable and are great additions to any security system.  

Types of Home Security Products

Motion Sensor

Motion sensor for your home

Motion sensors are one of the most crucial home security products because they detect movements. Various types of motion sensors are available in the market. For instance, some types of motion detectors use lasers and photoelectric beams and they give alarm signals whenever the beam is interrupted.

Some other types transmit high frequency radio wave signals, while some others use infra red light to detect the changes in body heat.

Outdoor motion sensors are greatly beneficial in detecting the movements in driveways. They generally use infra red detection sensor to detect temperature changes and they help prevent intruders.

Glass Break Technology

Glass break sensors are useful in detecting the sounds of breaking glass or a door being kicked in. They use an Omni directional microphone to sense the sound of any breaking object.

Nowadays, glass break sensors employ latest technologies like microwave infrared technology in order to avoid false alarms and to enhance the effectiveness of security.

Magnetic Lock System

Magnetic sensors are effective home security products, which can be used on your doors. If an intruder tries to open the door, it produces the alarm signals.

However, if the burglar knows how to push the button attached with the door, he may open the door without triggering the alarm signals.

But most electromagnetic lock systems offer a tough challenge to the robber. You can make use of such systems to ensure the safety of your family members.

Microwave Sensor

Microwave sensor is another powerful product that uses a Doppler radar signal, which sends microwaves and measures the frequency of the returning waves.

If any object is moving in the field of sensor, the returning microwave frequency may be higher or lower than the normal time required to transmit the signal. Microwave sensors offer better performance at greater distances.

Infra Red Motion Sensors

Infra red motion sensor for your home

Infra red motion sensors utilize the infrared light spectrum to emanate from any heat source. These sensors compare the heat of any object that passes through the security zone and checks whether there is any change in the temperature.

These sensors are highly beneficial in detecting any malfunctioning appliances or fire. They are much cheaper than microwave sensors and offer reliable performance for longer period.

However, they do not respond well to radio waves or vibrations. They are therefore required to be used in conjunction with some other home security products.

Sound Detection Sensors

Sound detection is one more advantageous home security product that employs sound to defend the secured area.

They use super-sensitive microphone sensors that can be installed on ceiling or wall to detect any abnormal sounds like breaking sound of glass. They ignore the normal sounds like car horns, air conditioner, refrigerator and any other sound of appliances.

Home security products offer you the best possible way to get away from the worries about the safety of your family members, especially when you are not at home. When compared to their benefits, their costs are generally reasonable.

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