Residential Security Doors - What You Need To Know 

He got in this door way too easily!

In this day and age, home security is more important than ever. Gone are the days when you could trust everyone in your neighborhood and each passerby, as we have unfortunately entered an age of home-invasions, terrorists and madmen in seemingly limitless numbers.

One has only to watch the evening news to realize the dangers that surround each of us in our very own homes, no matter where they happen to be. One measure you can take to protect your home and family is installing the best in residential security doors.

Your Choice Of Styles

A wood residential security door

There are basically two types of residential security doors and your decision between them should be based on necessity first, then aesthetics.

The first type is made of wood and normally looks like any ordinary door. They are hardwood and thick, able to withstand force and finagling, but available in many stylish designs and finishes.

Steel doors may not look as pretty as their secure wooden counterparts, but they will serve their purpose with unquestionable strength. Steel doors are virtually impenetrable, including being resistant to fire and will offer the homeowner a strong sense of security and protection. Look for dent-resistant steel, as they can be prone to denting from a number of innocent sources.

It's What's On the Inside That Counts

Whichever your preference in materials is be sure and pay close attention to the inner-workings of the door's locking system. It should be prepared to accommodate either a barrel or tumbler lock for maximum security and intruder resistance.

Look for a strike box on a steel door for even more protection and ask about pressure resistance, which is a direct indication of the amount of force the door can sustain before it succumbs to the circumstances.

For even more assurances that no one is going to be able to easily invade your home, have the added advantage of dead bolts. Installing them on all of your residential security doors means they cannot be picked, pried or pounded open, no matter what the force to be reckoned with may be.

Avoid Neglecting Your Other Doors

Your main entrance is not the only door you should have equipped with special security features. Residential security doors are also available for your sliding arrangements as well, meaning extra peace of mind for the back porch, attached deck or side entrance(s).

Sliding doors also feature steel construction, along with tempered glass backing. It's excruciatingly important that exact measurements of the opening be taken by a qualified individual, so if you have the need for security doors to be installed in these specialized areas, contact a professional before making any adjustments or purchases.

Arrange For a Friendly Break-In

Once your new doors are in place, ask a close friend or trusted relative to check them out. Pick someone who knows a thing or two about home security and protection and who will provide you with valuable advice.

Have them try and pry open your windows or doors from the outside, and see if they can get in through other areas, like the garage or back porch. Listen to everything they have to say and take action on their advice.

Home security is more than a passing fad or money-making gimmick; it's a necessary precaution that can save your life or the life of a loved one, not to mention protecting all of the valuables you've worked so hard to acquire.

While there has always been the potential for dishonesty or thievery in society, there now exists violent desperation, drug-induced madness and other determined aberrations viciously intent on meeting their objectives.

That thought alone should be enough motivation for you to make sure you have residential security doors that can stop them.

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Residential Security Doors - What You Need To Know 

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