The Convenience of Baby Safety Monitors

Baby safety monitors will keep a helpful eye on this baby

It is important to keep safety as your top priority when you are welcoming your new child into your home. Most people nowadays will be using baby safety monitors to have a remote method of checking on the baby’s welfare if Mom and Dad, or a caregiver such as a babysitter, are out of the room, or if baby is napping, for instance.

Many Choices

There are many different brands on the marketplace, and they all do a good job for what they are built to do, and that is to sound an alarm, such as when the baby stops breathing, for example.

If the baby stops breathing for a certain length of time, the monitor can give the infant a slight jolt, to perhaps instill the breathing mechanism. If it goes past a certain time, the alarm goes off to warn the parents or caregiver to get into the room right away.

There many models that will track the movement of a baby. With the scare of SDIS these have become very popular, and are reasonably priced. You can purchase that at most department or toy stores

Web Cam Monitor

Keeping an eye on the baby

There are baby safety monitors where a web cam can be set up in the baby’s room, so that visual monitoring can be done. What this does it to take the monitoring to the next level, because a visual image is a much better way to keep track of things, than just an audio track of the baby gurgling and making noises.

In this way, the sounds of the baby are apparent, and can be matched up with the video, which can be viewed from a computer in the next room by the parents or the caregiver.

Be Careful with the Cords

Since 2002, there have been seven babies that have strangled to death when they became entangled in the monitor cords of baby safety monitors. As babies become more active, they have the tendency to reach out and grasp anything that looks like fun, and if they reach a chord, it can become wrapped around their neck, and a tragedy can be the result.

Parents should take great care to never place the baby safety monitors inside of the crib, and take great care to place them at least three feet away from the baby. Look at things from the viewpoint of the baby, and pretend that if you were the baby, could you reach the cord or device, and if so move them out of baby’s range

As Baby Grows

Continually monitor the location of the monitor as the child grows and begins to learn new skills such as rolling over, getting on all fours, crawling and standing up.

Continually check the locations of monitors and chords, and be sure that all of that kind of equipment is well out of reach of the baby, because you never know when the baby will suddenly learn a new skill, which will enable grasping a chord or the device.

A side benefit to some of the better monitors is a recording device. This way you are able to video all of your new baby’s first movements.

It is very comforting for parents to be able to perform other household tasks in other parts of the house, while being able to observe the baby “asleep” in the crib. With visual and audio observation, the parents or caregiver can always be available and be warned if something goes wrong.

New moms repeatedly say that after a restless night or two, they build up a trust with the baby safety monitors and are able to get a more peaceful night sleep.

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