Affordable Home Security Systems - Here Are the Best Ideas

Finding high-quality affordable home security systems can be difficult, but it is possible. A recent survey revealed that homes with any sort of security system are three times less likely to be broken into than those with no security at all.

So finding a budget alternative is a good idea and will still give you some protection and peace of mind. However, you will need to make sure that you're not swapping price for lesser quality.

Rules of Thumb for Affordable Home Security Systems

There are a few things we don’t even call part of a security system, we call them necessities.

  • Most Important- Have a good deadbolt lock on every door that leads to the outside. And it should go without saying, but have a good quality door. Do these before you do anything else.
  • Next on our list necessities is outside lighting. Crooks like to operate in the dark and good lighting sends them on their way.
  • If money is a big problem, then buy some alarm company signs off of the internet. We really don’t like to promote this idea, because many crooks can tell if you have an alarm system or not, but it is better than nothing for a small price.

Once those first two items are installed, it’s time to move on to a security system. Now there are lots of choices and companies to choose from.

Affordable Home Security Systems Money Saving Tips

Many security companies will want to sell you a full system with sensors, alarms, cameras and a back up security guard for one fantastic price. These options will definitely cover all the bases but can make you almost over protected for what you actually need.

Making these choices will help you find more affordable home security systems:

  • Wired sensors - wireless technology is all the rage and you'll often pay top dollar to have these sensors installed around the house. Choosing the more old fashioned wired option will save you money while still giving you the same level of security. You may have to pay a little more to have holes drilled around your home but this is easy to do yourself.

Pulling wires for the home security system

We typically recommend the wireless connections, but understand they might not fit into your budget. One thing to remember, wireless devices can be taken with you if you happen to move, while wired devices will stay with the house.

  • Lights on timers - motion and heat sensors that trigger bright outdoor lights are great deterrents against criminals but can be very costly, especially if you need them to have a longer range. Choosing to put the lights on a timer means that you only have to pay for a simple switch whilst giving you a deterrent on demand.

Again, we typically recommend going with the sensors for long term cost savings on the light bill. And with timers you need to be sure your lights are not shining on your neighbors or your windows. Light placement becomes very important when using timers

  • Cameras - the typical set up for a home security system requires you to have a series of wireless webcams that connect directly to your computer. This gives you instant access to the images and allows you to save them, but can be costly to get a decent quality resolution. An IP camera connects directly to your router either by cable or wireless and just as securely. You can pick one up second hand for less than $100 and find plenty of guides online as to how to set one up.

Of the three options talked about above, sensors, lights and cameras, cameras would be the first option we would remove from our list.

The best affordable home security systems are those which have been put together from the same brands for each component as they will be compatible with each other.

And you can help keep costs down by talking to the company about your security issues beforehand and making sure that no additional extras are added. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount as well if you're ordering multiple components.

Places to Shop

Check out your local hardware store

Larger metropolis will have stores that specialize in home security. And they will probably have a website to browse.

And the big box hardware stores such as Lowes and Home Depot also carry some home security items. And don't forget to check out Craig's list. But be very careful when buying used devices. You will need to be sure they are in good working order.

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Affordable Home Security Systems

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