Digital Door Viewer - Needed for Added Protection

You don't want a crime scene in your front yard

It was a black day in our area, because on that day a housewife in our city was murdered and the persons who killed her escaped with just a couple of jewels.

We hear this kind of news in our daily news papers. In real sense, such cases have become very common news, almost everywhere. Happening in our own hometown just seemed to make it worst.

Now more than ever you have to be extra careful and alert. The housewife heard a knock at the door and opened it to see who was there. That is what the murderers hoped for and they just rushed right in.

A digital door viewer might have saved her life. As you will read more below, this viewer would have let her know to not open the door. Would the murderers have moved on? We will never know.

Watch through a Side Window

Many homes have a side window along side their front door. There are two problems with these.

One, thieves can break open the small window itself and can gain access to the doors locking mechanism or can even gain access into the house directly, if the window is large enough.

Two, a person can hide out of view from the window. You usually can press up against the door and not be seen from inside.

That problem is also found in the small door viewers found in many front doors. A thief could squat down and not be seen. And seeing through these small door viewers is awfully tough. This is why most people who have these don’t even use them.

Keeping this in mind, researchers brought out a new door viewer, through which you can see who will be entering your house and also at the same time ensures more safety. This viewer allows you to see everything going on

Digital Door Viewer

Digital Door Viewer (DDV) is a pioneering security system that is used as the replacement for normal door viewer that helps the user to view who have came his front door without requiring anyone inside to open the door.

The system comprises of a small digital camera which will be mounted at the exterior side of the door and a LCD screen which will be installed inside the home. Users can quickly know who has come, by just pressing a button which will be installed next to LCD screen separately.

As user presses the button, live video of the entire area outside the door will be displayed on the LCD monitor and will get turned off, when user lifts up his hand from the button.

Many of these viewers are also capable of recording live video with audio of the outside activities and some of them will also come with a Micro SD card or with a small speaker.

Digital Door Viewer Parts

The LCD panel mounted on the inside of the door has a 5.5 inch viewing area in an 8.5 inch wide by 5.5 inch high frame. This is the largest viewing area of any digital door viewer. On the outside of the door, the camera is mounted in a flat circular cover with a diameter of just 3/4 of an inch.

DDV does not need any external power supply. As it is a stand-alone system it will be powered by 8 standard size batteries. In normal use, replacement of batteries is not required for approximately 1 year.

Where to Install?

The Digital Door Viewer can be installed in any standard door. Any existing peep hole will be first removed. This viewer can be installed in all doors which have 1-1/4 inch to 4 inches in thickness.

Allowing persons inside your home without verification is dangerous and having transparent glass window is not a best solution to the problem of verification. So, it is our suggestion to install a digital door viewer in your home’s front door.

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