The Keyless Door Lock - Intelligent Technology At Work

 Sometimes you just want to kick in the door!

There is nothing more frustrating than coming home to a locked door and fumbling for the right key to gain entry into your house. This situation can easily change from bad to worse, especially if you are saddled with carrying groceries or a young child.

The keyless door lock takes the trouble out of opening your door. Hiding keys underneath outside planters is a practice that can now stop. With the offering of yet another smart innovation, the home security industry is virtually making the house key obsolete.

The home security industry now offers three distinct keyless entry door lock systems. Depending on the manufacturer, styles may vary but these door locks can be divided into three groups.

Key Card Systems

Over the last decade or so we have become accustomed to seeing these systems used in both hotels and motels. Due to the transient nature of their clientele this segment of the hospitality industry has adopted the card system to avoid duplication of keys by the criminal element.

The key card system functions with a magnetic stripe on the inserted card which triggers the unlocking mechanism.

The home security industry not content to remain stagnant has sought to improve on existing key card systems. The industry now offers a card with a small antenna placed inside the card which works off radio frequencies.

A signal from the antenna is received from the reader in the locking system and subsequently unlocks the door. All you need to do is wave your card in front of the reader and you’re in. The entire process is simple, quick and efficient. Both key card systems are available for home use.

The Password System

 Don't forget your password

This keypad door lock system is one of the more common products used in today’s market. The homeowner just needs to type in the code for quick entry into their home.

This keyless front door lock system can also be accessed remotely with the press of a switch. Get out of your car, point your remote and press the button. Presto! Your front door is open before your car door is closed.

The Fingerprint Scanner

 A home finger print lock

This keyless front door lock system is an absolute eye opener. After a quick description of the product the consumer might think it’s something you’d likely read about in an Ian Fleming novel but biometric technology has most certainly arrived.

This door lock comes with its own scanner which reads your thumb print and only unlocks the door if you have been authorized. In addition, this keyless door lock has the ability to include other fingerprints in its database like those of other family members.

A Couple of Drawbacks to Consider

If you choose the most popular choice of the three listed above, the keypad door lock system, it can be a hassle if you forget your password. You don’t want to have it written down and carried around in your wallet or purse, in case they are stolen.

And you don’t want to use any password that is easy for someone to guess, like your birth date or address. So, a well though out password that you can remember is badly needed.

A battery backup system for your keyless door lock is well worth the extra cost. It’s a sad and frustrating home owner who cannot get into his or her house when the electrical power is down. Carefully consider this option on any electronic door locks you look at.  

Intelligent Technology

These keyless door locks are quickly becoming a popular choice in the home security industry for discerning homeowners.

The simple house key may soon become an ancient relic of another era. We will no longer need to finger through our full key chains looking for the right fit. There will be no more guessing with a keyless door lock.

Despite the almost futuristic quality surrounding some of these keyless door locks, prices remain reasonable and down to earth. It will be only a question of time before the key falls out of favor and becomes nothing more than memorabilia.

The keyless door lock is just another great example of how the home security industry is safeguarding homeowners with intelligent technology.

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