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Home security bars help you to keep your precious things safe. Most burglars have the tendency to break into your home through windows or doors.

They can enter quickly before anyone responds to the electronic alarm.

Window protection bars therefore assume great importance, as they prevent the access of intruders.

And, a durable security bar and a good door lock might just send them on down the road looking for an easier target.

How to Select the Right Security Bar

It is worth the time in researching window bars so that you can select the best home security bar for your situation.

You need to check whether the bars are made up of heavy duty material and have durable powder coated finish.

The bars having tamper resistant mounting hardware are great for most windows. And some window bars have saw resistance capability.

When a burglar attempts to saw through the tubing of these window bars, the roll bar spins, making it difficult to cut.

Sleek Home Security Bars

Many people believe that security bars are not attractive. However, this is not true. You can get stylish security bars that are available for various size windows from an online store or local vendor.

The stylish security bars designed to be classy white will offer a secure presence. It is very simple to install these bars.

The A series Mr. Goodbar window bars are versatile and extremely durable to offer reliable performance. You can install either vertically or horizontally. You can add multiple bars one over another to get a large range of height.

Mr Goodbar Security Window Bars
Sells high quality, saw-resistant window bars, patio door bars and door security grilles. Suitable for home or commercial applications.

B Series Security Bars

The B series Mr. Goodbar security bars offer an attractive look to your windows. Meanwhile, they grant ultimate protection to your home.

These security bars serve the purpose of home decor as well. You can specify the width of your windows to get the perfect size bars.

C, D, E and F Series Security Bars

C series bars are saw resistance bars that deter the criminals to a great extent. Installing D series bars is the cost effective way to protect your belongings. They come with an internal row bar that makes it impossible for the burglar to enter. E series bars are square line home security bars and are very easy to install. F series bars preserve the elegant appearance, while maintaining the safety of your family members and precious things.

Want Custom Colors?

Generally, the home security bars are available in white color only, but if you want, you can get them in black or titanium colors by placing an order. However, you need to pay extra for getting those colors.

If your window is larger than the standard sizes, you can then opt for some special options. For instance, you can install two or more window bars for your extra high window.

In turn, if your window is extra wide, you can use the joining post available in the stores to mount two bars side by side.

You can select permanent security bars, where you do not need an emergency escape. Swing away bars can be removed for cleaning purposes.

You can use a padlock or key-less quick release locking system for additional security. Removable bars are perfect for temporary applications. You can remove them effortlessly, when not in use.

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