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The number one goal here is to help you plan for the best home security system for you, your family and your home. Our Security Systems Dallas website is your most helpful resource tool.

Our first suggestion is when you choose a security system for your home it much better to go with a wireless option. This technology offers you with various backup options and constant protection to your home. 

To begin with, you will save money with installation of your wireless security system. And another great part about the wireless system is that you are able to take it with you when you move.


When you have a wireless security system installed anyone in your home can disarm or arm the alarm system by using a remote. You can decide how many remotes will be needed and this enables easy use of your security system.

In case of power outage your wireless system will continue to work as it will switch over and run off of installed batteries. This added protection will help you rest easy during storms.


Wireless receiver and camera

As mentioned above when you use a wireless security system you have chosen a system that you are able to transport with you where ever you go. All you will need to do is have the unit unplugged and removal of the sensors and it is ready to go.

Here at our Security Systems Dallas website we have many addition articles on the value of wireless security.

When you decide to move all you will need to do is notify your alarm company of your new address and they will come out and reinstall your system at your new residence. This means that you are covered from the day of your move.

Mobile Access:

When you are on at work or gone for the weekend, a wireless system can offer you with a mobile service that will enable you to disarm or arm your system. You also will have the ability to monitor who enters your property while you are away. This is a priceless way to ensure that your home is under constant protection.

Installation of a New System

Think about self installing your security system

Another big portion of our Security Systems Dallas website is the DIY section. We are firm believers that many people have the ability to self install a wireless security system. This obviously will help cut down on the initial cost of an alarm system for your house.

Even with self installed security systems there are alarm companies that will monitor your home for safety. And this monitoring rate is highly affordable which ultimately means you save on a lot of money every year.

We Suggest Your System Should Include the Following:

-Control Panel

-LCD keypad


-3 (more if needed) Sensors for your doors

-Backup battery

-Motion detectors

-Window decals and yard signs

-Outside Security Lights


If you are considering installing a security system yourself, then we suggest you doing some comparable shopping with online stores.

The online security stores offer great products at good prices. All of the ones we have dealt with have also been very helpful. And like we have said above, continue to browse thru the articles here at Security Systems Dallas for more great planning ideas.

While we suggest you consider self installation, we also understand it is not for everyone. Our recommendation then is to contact three different alarm companies. Your best bet is to pick one of the big national companies like ADT or Guardian Alarm. Then also pick tow local security companies.

Check with neighbors and see if they are happy with whom they are using. Local companies can come and go, but those that have been around for ten years or more can offer great you a great service at a reasonable price. And be sure to ask for references.

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