Home Video Surveillance – Who is Minding the Fort?

If you had suggested that a home video surveillance system be installed in my home a decade ago I would have scoffed at the idea. I would have shrugged you off with a sarcastic laugh and suggested a dog instead.

Crime is on the Rise

 Keep this guy out!

We all like to think that the crime rate is soaring in someone else’s neighborhood. Admitting that crime is just as much a problem in your own neighborhood isn’t a popular notion. But times have changed and so has the crime rate.

Urban centers have mushroomed across the country expanding into major metropolitan areas with high populations. Unfortunately, police forces in these areas don’t always receive the much needed municipal funding to beef up their own numbers to meet the demands of public safety.

Criminals will go where the work is and if that means your house then you best be prepared. No neighborhood is immune to crime.

Video Surveillance Enhances Home Security

 Keep an eye on your outside visitors

Video surveillance provides homeowners a security buffer between them and the sad truth of crime statistics. Video cameras can be placed inside and outside of the home and directed at areas of strategic importance.

On the outside of the house that might include interior access points like doors or windows or sides of the house that have little visibility.

Cameras inside of the house could be focused on the interiors of garages and basements as well as the hallways in a house that connect rooms.

Any intruder already in the house will be forced to use hallways to move in and around the inside of your home. Home video surveillance enables the resident of the home to watch video from any room of the house where there is a connected television or a dedicated monitor.

When homeowners are away from their houses they can continue to observe security video using a web-enabled computer, smart phone or IPad.

Peace of Mind for Parents

Home video surveillance is more than just a knee jerk response to crime. It speaks to a real need for security in our lives. While discouraging criminal activity and acting as a solid deterrent to criminal intentions, home video surveillance can also satisfy other needs in the home.

 Smile, you are on camera

Imagine for a moment a parent is away from their home on business. It’s a Friday night and your teenager is enjoying a night out at a school dance. By quickly viewing their smartphone a parent can check to see if the car is in the driveway or if the fridge door is open, both sure fire ways to indicate their child has arrived home safely.

It’s not a concern based on rules or parental warnings. It’s all about the normal worry parents feel for their children. They want them to be safe. Home video surveillance can give anxious parents peace of mind.

The same advantages apply to smaller children in the home. How many times has a parent been forced to leave a child in one room while they are in another?

If a dedicated monitor is in the room you have entered you can easily watch your child while performing another task. The home video surveillance system wasn’t designed to be an in home babysitting service but it’s those few seconds or minutes that pass with a second pair of eyes that makes a world of difference to a parent.

Works For the Homeowner Too!

 Wireless camera with receiver

Video surveillance traditionally was more common to public buildings and private businesses. But now, with ever changing technologies the same security can be enjoyed by homeowners and at affordable prices consumers will find difficult to ignore.

The more technology advances, the better home security becomes. Wireless video cameras are now also a consideration. Technology is extending the distance from camera to receiver to the point that they now make sense.

And the portability of wireless cameras makes them even more attractive. They may be more expensive, but you may need less of them.

A home video surveillance system now offers homeowners an affordable security system with different options.

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