Home Security Camera with PC

Your PC and security camera go hand in hand

Home security cameras with PC are a great way to monitor your home continuously. And today there are many people who opt for a camera not only to monitor, but also to keep their property safe.

The advanced home security cameras can be connected to your PC and you can access your entire security system from a remote location.

The cameras can be indoor or outdoor. In fact, you can have some of both. And with your smart phone, you can be out to dinner with your wife, and check on your kids and the babysitter at home.

Technology has advanced along these lines very quickly. Wireless cameras and smart phones have really opened up the monitoring market of products.

Home Security Camera Kit

Wireless security camera and transmitter

A typical camera surveillance kit consists of home security cameras that install into your PC and transform it into a digital video recorder.

Most kits have two high resolution indoor dome cameras. You can view and record 15 frames per second. You can even get the optional microphone for getting the audio input. Most will come with a lifetime free technical support. Typically the equipment in this kit comes with one year warranty.

The most exciting feature of this home security camera with PC is that you can view the live feed with the help of any high speed internet connection or smart mobile phone. The built-in web server allows you to connect to any system with Internet Explorer and you need not install any additional software to view your surveillance security system.

The client software package available with this kit allows multiple as well as simultaneous connection to monitor several surveillance sites at a time from one location.

These 2 dome camera video surveillance kits are packed with many features like two 100 feet Siamese video or power cables, one quick start guide, two video surveillance warning stickers and two AC power adapters.

The advanced video compression technology in this home security camera that installs into your PC enables you to store clear videos from your camera onto a standard hard drive.

Multiple Camera Home Security Camera Kit

This is another effective home security camera with PC that can be installed into your PC. It includes two high resolution indoor or outdoor IR night vision cameras and two high resolution indoor dome cameras.

You can record 7.5 frames per second with the cameras in this kit. And you can remotely view the live video, if you have a high speed internet connection.

You need not install any additional software to view this surveillance system. This kit supports several recording modes and alarms. You can adjust the sensitivity level for each camera effortlessly.

I'll bet you never figured home security camera with PC would be so easy.

Night Vision Driveway Surveillance Kit

This home security camera with PC can be connected to your network system. It comes with a long range 100 feet high resolution outdoor bullet camera that can be connected to the video capture card.

You can install it in your PC with the help of a 100 feet video/power cable. The client software package included in this kit enables you to monitor several surveillance sites.

From your PC or laptop you can watch any activity the camera picks up in your driveway. They can be installed with motion detectors that allow them only to come on and record when there is movement.

Home security cameras that can be installed into your PC are very easy to install and use. Moreover, they assure the safety of your precious things and loved ones.

All the products discussed in this article are easily found and purchased online. A little searching should turn up many options.

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Home Security Camera with PC

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