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by Rajesh
(Malad, Mumbai)

In this whole world no one likes to lose their possessions and their loved one. Of course, animals also suffer when they lost their loved one. But man has the ability to think, if it happens ones it will remain permanently in his mind, unlike animals.

As a man he likes to possess own house, properties for him and for his family, But he also frighten about, the protection of his belongings, including his family from the intruders and from cruel disasters such as fire, gas leakage and etc.

To protect from all these disasters and from the intruders, it is better to make use of protective measures, such as,

1. Locking the door and windows while going outside,
2. Avoiding the fire catching substances, near electric wirings, etc,
3. Locking the gas regulator, when, it is not in use,

Rather than these precautions, one of the best ways to protect your home is that installing the home security systems in home, which will protect you and your home from the intruders and also from dangers.

These alarms are available in different systems, such as alarms for unauthorized intruders, alarms which detect fire, carbon dioxide and etc. When these systems detect the intruder, fire (smoke) or the carbon monoxide, it starts the siren. So that user can control the danger.

Theft alarm (Burglar alarm)

As name indicates it is the alarm, which informs when robber enters your home when you and your family had gone outside. Some of improved alarms are able to notify the danger to the police, fire or hospital, it also notify the home owners number, if it is registered.


Burglar alarms are of two types; Indoor and outdoor.


Passive infrared detector: It works on the body temperature of the object when that object nears to the detector when it is in active.

Ultrasonic detectors: Ultrasonic detector works on the Doppler shift principle by using 25 KHz and 75 KHz of frequencies.

Microwave detector: This detector emits microwave, when the intruder comes in front of the detector the change in reflection will occur.


Outdoor alarms are designed especially for outside purposes. If you use the outdoor alarms, the chance of false alarm is more. But still these are used in the non-public places, such as forest and etc.

False alarm: When the legal person or the home owner itself comes in front of the detector when it is enabled, the detector will start screaming. This is known as False alarm.

Fire or Smoke detector

Fire can cause major disaster across the world. It will burn the object which comes on its way and make into ashes. So everybody should be careful of the fire and everybody should install the fire detectors, in their home.

Types of fire or smoke detector

Optical detector: It is consists of light sensor which radiates the light beam, if these light beam finds the smoke in front of it the beam that reflect back will scattered because of the smoke particles, hence it starts the siren.
Ionization detector: Two electrodes are used to do detect the smoke, when these two electrodes found the smoke, starts the alarm.

Air sampling: These type of detectors collects the air samples in front of it and tests the air, whether it contains of their particles or not.

Carbon monoxide detectors:

Carbon monoxide (CO) is colorless and odorless gas, it is preferred as a silent killer, and it is able to catch the fire, like kerosene. Carbon monoxide detector is uses the carbon monoxide detectors to detect the carbon dioxide (co2) or carbon monoxide (CO), and avoids the danger.

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