Selecting Home Automation and Security Systems

 Use your PC to run your home

The latest technology is revolutionizing our homes. Modern homes can have a large array of devices that are internet connected.

We can check on, and change the settings on these devices any time we like, from a smart phone.  Wherever you are located, car, work, fitness center, shopping center, or other location, you can access your home automation and security system.

More than Just Security

Conventional home security systems usually monitor the physical premises and do not have any mechanisms whereby they control the house itself. Most of them will notify security personnel in tthe event of an alarm, and there is a time delay between the time an alarm is triggered and the arrival of security.

With new home automation and security systems, the user is able to directly interact with the security system via the internet. Appliances such as air conditioners, heating systems, gates, door locks, and lights can all be controlled via the internet. 

In addition, all of the entry points are monitored and the user will receive and email and text message, instantly, should a security breach be detected by the system.

Heating and Cooling System

 Run your home from your smartphone

One of the most convenient and money saving features of home automation and security systems is remote climate control. You can remotely set your thermostat, so that when you get home, your house is at your desired temperature. Likewise, when no one is home, you can reduce your energy consumption by keeping the temperature at a level that will consume less electricity.

If you are coming home early, jump on your smart phone and raise the heat or lower the cooling. Likewise, working late, turn the heat back down for a while or adjust the air conditioner. You can do all this from your handy internet connection device.

Web Based Surveillance

With cameras installed at various locations in and around your home, you can monitor activities in and around your home via the web.  You can easily see, and even record, whoever enters or exits your home.

In addition, you can monitor activities within your home. For instance, you might want to check to see if your children are working on their homework after school.

Security Control

You can remotely enable or disable your door, window, and garage door locks so that they can be locked or unlocked at the times you choose. For instance, you may want to use your smart phone to open your garage door just before you get home.

Another useful security feature, particularly if no one is going to be home for a few days, is to turn lights on and off in your home.  This enhances security because it gives potential burglars the impression that someone is home.  You can even set up your system to control window shades and curtains.

Reducing Energy Expenses

A lot of utility companies have special rates for people that use electricity in off peak hours, like 2 AM for instance.  This reduces the peak load on the power grid.

With a home automation and security system you can program devices that use a lot of electricity, like washing machines, dryers, and dish washers to operate at non-peak hours. 

Use Wireless to Enhance Security

 A wireless camera and receiver

In the past, many burglars would cut the electrical and communications wires going into a home prior to burglarizing it. This would serve to disable any security and monitoring systems that may be in place. 

To enhance the security of  modern homes, wireless communication with the home automation and security system enabled.  In addition, in the event that the flow of electricity to your own is interrupted, there are battery backup systems in place that will still allow your system to function properly. 

With this wireless system in place, it is very difficult for intruders to disable your security system prior to entry. Additionally, it also prevents you from being locked out of your own home due to a power failure.

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