Digital Home Security Systems: Welcome to the Digital Life

Digital technology has taken off in all kinds of electronic products. And digital home security systems are also slowly jumping into the digital world. Due to its compatible nature, every user likes the digital systems.

Why Digital Security Systems are Better than Analog Security Systems?

A digital wireless camera

1. Most analog systems connect only to a telephone line, which could be cut off by burglars.

2. Analog systems are built around a single master control panel that can be easily disabled. Where digital home security systems take advantage of multiple control points and therefore, reduced possibility of vulnerability.

3. Analog systems are only one-way. They dial out in an emergency, but are not capable of self monitoring. Therefore, the monitoring center cannot access the system to ensure that it is operating properly.

4. Digital components are much more compact and comparatively smaller in size.

5. Digital technology is affordable and gives significantly longer battery life than analog wireless systems.

6. Users typically do not have the ability to customize their analog system. For example, suppose if the homeowner needs to do something as simple as adding a new user, the analog security systems requires a service call. In contrast, digital home security system allows users relatively easy system customization.

7. Customers can easily set up their systems by themselves and activate via Internet.

8. Digital technology allows customers to access and control their systems remotely and securely from any web-connected device or mobile phone.

9. Digital technology allows customers to access important information such as, weather forecasts and emergencies and many more.

Digital Alarms Are Better

Different types of digital alarms

1) Burglar alarms: Burglar alarms are the primary alarm that helps the home from intruders or thieves. Loud sirens and flashing lights will chase off most burglars.

2) Motion detector: These detectors can detect the movement of people from a strategic point.

3) Infrared detector: These detectors can detect the passage of infrared rays and can prevent unauthorized access to the systems which were able to work using infrared rays.

4) Acoustic sensors: These sensors detect presence of sound.

5) Microwave detectors: These detectors detect Microwave signals.

6) Fire and heat alarms: Fire alarms are important in home, which is used to detect the presence of fire. Similarly, heat alarms are used to detect the heat and alert before causing the damage.

7) Smoke and gas alarms: Smoke detectors are the detectors that can alert people, even before the fire appear and Gas alarms are also major alarm that helps the user from the poisonous gas, as the leakage of gas found.

Digital Video Surveillance Systems

Let the crook know you are taking his picture

Digital Video surveillance is the most popular type of security system for the home which deters burglars. Digital Video Surveillance System typically consists of 2 important components, i.e. a camera and a Computer or a Television.

The camera will record the video of the spot where it is stealthy fixed and sends the data in digital form to the computer. So the concerned authority can take the action immediately when burglars enter the home or even later also.

In this busy world, we cannot be careful every time. So, we must make the best use of alarms against dangerous dare devils.

One can get highest security and options, if they make use of the digital home security systems than their counterparts, the analog ones.

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Digital Home Security Systems: Welcome to the Digital Life

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