Self Defence Equipments and Products: Easy Steps to Maintain Self Security

 Don't be this victur, carry self defense devices

When we discuss home security systems the topics usually center on alarms and cameras. But to hunt down all our security bases, we should include a discussion about self defence equipments and products.

If you are going to spend some time and money getting your house secure, you should also take a look at your own self defense.

And we are going to discuss not only what to do if a burglar breaks into your home while you are there, but also how to handle attacks if you are out on a walk or parking in a garage.

Sudden Attacks

Something many of us never want to think about or discuss is being attacked while alone.  We try to avoid letting such a thought enter our mind, mainly so we can sleep at night, because the thought of being jumped will keep even the bravest up at night.

But think about it we must. And take action regarding self defence equipements and products.

One of the best ways to handle an assault is being physically fit and trained in hand to hand combat. Our hands, arms and legs are things we always have with us. This might not be enough to fend off all attackers, but it certainly is a valuable skill to have.

However, not everyone is physically able to reach this goal. Or most of us do not have the time it takes. Life itself seems to take all the time we have available, so adding this big task is out of the question.

Self Defense Devices

Self defense devices will play a crucial role in launching and protecting yourself from attacks. The self defense devices are the protective devices which are enough to wander off attacks. These devices are also called personal defense devices.

First, let us state that we are not going to include in our discussion hand guns. This is a personal decision that each person should research and decide.

All we will say is if you are considering carrying a hand gun be sure to check your local laws. And be sure to get proper training.

  Pepper Sprayer

 Pepper Spray a very good self defense device

Pepper sprayer is a good self defense device. The device holds pepper powder in it. One shot of this pepper powder and the attacker is hit with severe pain, difficultly in breathing and his eyes will swell shut.

This one shot will render him harmless for twenty to sixty minutes. Long enough for you to get away or seek help.  

And there is no long term permanent damage.

This spray comes in many size canisters, even as small as a lipstick container. And the prices are very reasonable, making pepper spray one of the most popular of self defence equipments and products.

Animal Repellent

When talking about attacks we have to include the real possibility of a stray dog or wild animal being the attacker. There is a lot of difference in dealing with animal attacks; all the same the danger is still very real.

So also consider another self defense device called Animal Repellent, which is used to fend off dangerous, ferocious animals without the need to kill them. It is very useful in areas where there are high populations of stray dogs. Using Animal Repellent will help you drive away dogs that are approaching. These devices are very aggressive in nature and good to use.

There are two popular types that are sold as dog repellent. One variety is dog whistles. The sound from a high pitch whistle will send a dog off in another direction very quickly. And it hurts his ears enough that he won’t make a return visit soon.

What’s great about these devices is they work long before the dog is near you. And prices are very reasonable. The key is to have it readily available anytime you are outside.

There are also dog repellent sprays that you can carry.  These will drive the dog away from you, but will not do long term damage. These come in easy to carry sizes and are also not expensive. Again, a blast from this will send even the biggest of dogs away for quite some time.

Stun Gun or Taser Gun

 This is a stun gun

If you are looking for self defence equipments and products that pack a much stronger punch than the Pepper Spray, then try a stun gun or taser gun. They both will provide an excellent way of dealing with attackers.

The stun gun provides a high voltage, low amperage shot that will stop any human in their tracks. With a stun gun you have to physically hold the gun on the attacker to deliver the blow.

They are cheap to buy, easy to use and deliver an attacker defenseless for several minutes. Check with local laws to see if they are legal to use in your area.

 This is a taser gun

Taser guns are very similar to stun guns, except you can deliver the blow from 15 feet away. Many people like this distinct difference, except at purchase time. Taser guns are much more expensive then stun guns.

The strike from this gun also leaves the attacker defenseless and incapacitated for several minutes. There is no long term damage from either defense device.

Special made taser guns are becoming the popular choice of some police officers. The police made taser gun has a greater range than the public version.

Self Defense Alarms

The last type of the self defence equipments and products is the self carried alarms. These are small, easy to carry alarms that will give off a loud noise intended to bring help and scare off an attacker.

Many of these small, easy to carry alarms, are often combined with a pepper spray to offer two types of defense. Why not have two weapons ready to use?


We have listed several different types of self defence equipments and products that you can carry with you when away from home. And at home you can keep one of these products close by your bed.

If the availability of these items is hard to find in your hometown, there are plenty to be found online. And most of the items we have mentioned are very reasonable in price.

The big emphasis in protecting yourself is being prepared. If you at least take the step to purchase an item, and then don’t leave it in your glove box when you go jogging, like so people many do. Many a police officer has been told by a victim I had the defense device in my car.

Thinking about home and self security has to become a high priority to not become a victim. Please remember this.

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