House Shutters: Another Way of Safeguarding Your Home

The area of the world I live never sees real working shutters. I would venture to say many kids don’t know how real shutters work. And many adults do not realize that there are shutters for doors, not just windows.


Shutters are made up of materials out of wood, iron, fiber etc., which are dense and strong in nature. These shutters can be used in either the sides of windows or doors.

 When houses were first made out of stone, rock or wood, there was not glass windows to provide protection from the weather, sunlight or creatures. Shutters were attached to the sides of windows and doors to provide this protection.

And at the same time this allowed for extra security to the interior of the house. The shutters would be lathed or locked together to prevent entry by anyone not desired.

There are many kinds of shutters still existing. Shutters are connected on either side of the window opening and swing open to allow the easy access of air or for light to enter into the room or hall. Some of the shutters make use of standard panel that can be easily rotated so that the user can get clear open for the light and the breeze to get in.

House Shutter for Privacy

A type of shutter known as the house shutter is very ideal if one needs privacy. A house shutter is made up of wood or vinyl or fiber or similar material if it is for external use as it has to give protection from sun light, rain and other natural factors. One can also use these shutters for security purposes too.

Windows Shutters

The Windows shutters are mostly used for solid window covering. These panels can be used to hinge together to form a unit, which fills a window opening.

Windows shutters give users freedom over control of the exposure of the light. One can choose the level of light and privacy on their room. This also increases the beauty of the house. Most of the window shutters are made up of wood.

Rolling Shutters for Doors

The door shutters can safeguard you from being attacked by some culprits. Some of these are made of metal and can roll upwards and are called rolling shutters, or overhead doors. These are typically found in car sheds and warehouses.

As they are easy to lift by an average person, they are a popular choice for many houses across the world, but not so much in the United States.

3 Door Protection

Your house will be protected more if you make a 3-door-protection to the main and back entrances. First, the door must be made of wood. This wooden door can be opened easily by the thieves. The next two doors must be of shutter and another door made of rod railings.

You can opt to put the railing door only and close the wooden door when going out for short time during day time. If you go out for 2 to 3 days out of town, then it is advisable to put up shutters too, thus providing 3-door-protection to the house.

Interior shutters also provide better ways in protecting our valuable belongings. There are many kinds. You should go for the type made of metal on the inside of a wood door as they provide a surprise protection against those who can break open easily the wooden doors. This is like a trick against thieves, who underestimate the protection barriers set inside the house along with the stylish wooden doors from outside.

House Shutters Today

In my area only a decorative shutter is put around windows. The frame work for doors and windows are now made air tight preventing the weather from entering the home. Some areas hit by hurricanes still use shutters to protect their windows during those storms. But even in those areas many people now just attach plywood.

I assume the cost alarm systems being less than the cost of house shutters prevent shutters from making a comeback here. It is a shame because they did provide extra security.

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