For Our Home Security System Company We Chose “Frontpoint”

Yes, Frontpoint is Rate #1 in America

Yes, after our research and analysis, we chose Frontpoint to be our home security system company. There are some other good security companies out there, but at the end of the day, Frontpoint was standing the tallest.

And they aren’t the winners just because they have the best support team or because Frontpoint offers the best equipment. No, they excelled at all five phases we examined.

Other companies ranked well in a couple of categories, but it was only Frontpoint that was at the top of each category.

Our Home Security System Company Review Process

Here are the five categories we reviewed:

   1) Wireless Devices and Connections: We believe, as does Frontpoint, that a wireless security system is the best and safest way to go. This was not true just a few years ago, but technology has helped boost the range and reliability of wireless systems. Criminals can cut the wires on a wired system, but not on wireless devices.

   2) Cellular Communication: Again, we believe in eliminating any feature that a crook can disable. A land phone line can be cut by criminals. Police departments report that even local small time burglars often cut the phone line.

   3) The Best Security Equipment : Another big reason we chose Frontpoint as our home security system company is they offer only the latest GE top of the line equipment. GE equipment consistently receives the highest marks available for security products.

   4) The Best Monitoring System: Frontpoint offers the best security monitoring offered in the world. We base this opinion on the fact that the United States Department of Defense chose Frontpoint to monitor their stations. And Frontpoint's monitoring service is accredited by the New York Fire Department, the most stringent and highest accreditation standard in the industry. And having a home security monitor system is important to us also.

   5) The Best Price :  When everything is said and done, Frontpoint offers the best of all the above categories, and at the lowest price available. Oh, you can be quoted lower prices by other companies, but you won’t be getting what we consider good security options. No, those add-ons are expensive and really add up. For example, other companies charge extra if you want cellular monitoring and communication.  This is standard with Frontpoint.

What Others Are Saying

Call Frontpoint's Support Team 844-277-3018

Once we had finished our research, we decided to see what other people were saying about Frontpoint. We checked the popular review site Angie's List and there was Frontpoint listed at the top of the home security system company category.

After checking a few other security reviews sites, we figured out that Frontpoint is a lot of people’s favorite. Many reviews said what we said, that they were a clear cut choice.

One thing many reviews pointed out that we barely touched here is how good their support team is. Many Frontpoint customers are quoted as saying they fond the support team helpful and patience. This is just another feature where Frontpoint stands out.

Smart Phone App

Something else we learned from all the reviews is many people use the smart phone app to turn their Frontpoint system on and turn off. When they pull out of the garage, they use their phone to turn the system on. And when they return home, they just turn the system off before entering the garage.

Sounds too easy, but that's Frontpoint. A powerful security system that's easy to install and use.

Are you still not for sure? Give them a call at toll free 1-844-277-3018 and give their 30 day free trial a try. You'll sleep better knowing you have done this.

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